The Upcoming Microsoft Grove kit Described In MagPi 48

Last week, the official Raspberry Pi magazine magPi 48 provided more details on Microsoft Windows 10 IoT Core and the upcoming Microsoft Grove kit that lets you create more IoT projects with it.


In the MagPi’s article, Asobo Mongwa, one of the Program Managers at Microsoft’s Operating System Group in the Internet of Things Maker Program Management team, shared the idea behind the new kit.  “The upcoming Microsoft Grove Kit is in collaboration with SeeedStudio. Seeed Studio took great interest in Microsoft’s investments in the IoT and maker space, and approached us for a co-engineering engagement on the kit. We see it as an indicator that inflencers in the industry recognise the impact in the work we’re doing, and want to partner with us in helping the ecosystem to release the next generation of solutions on the Raspberry Pi with Windows 10 IoT Core,” Asobo Mongwa said.

The new Microsoft Grove kit is a specially put together package that lets you make the most of Windows 10 IoT Core on Raspberry Pi, which includes:
> 5-inch display
> Grove shield (to plug components into)
> Ultrasonic range fider
> Sound sensor
> Temperature and humidity Sensor
> Light sensor
> Rotary angle sensor
> LCD RGB backlight
> LED bar
> Relay
> Button
> Buzzer
> HDMI cable


The Grove Kit is designed for hardware and software developers at all levels. Asobo Mongwa personally likes about the kit is “the fact that it takes away complexities like soldering, jumper cables, and breadboards, and allows the user to focus on their creativity. It’s modular, so you can use the components included in this kit as well as other additional Grove components”.



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August 2016
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