Design For Manufacturing Guidelines – PCB DFM Part 1

If you’re not sure whether your pcb design is manufacturable before send it to pcb manufacturer, the complete dfm guide made by Seeed Studio Fusion team will help you out. This specification defines the design parameters for PCB design from a DFM point of view, including the shape, lamination construction, Fiducial design, component layout, conductive traces, holes, solder mask, surface treatments, silk screen design, and so on. The chapters of pcb design for manufacturing are as follows: 1. Brief Introduction 2. Seeed Fusion PCB Specification 3. Panelization and Bridge Design 4. Component Layout Considerations 5. PCB Hole design 6. Solder Mask Design 7. Copper Trace Design 8. Silkscreen Design 9. PCB Lamination Structure 10. PCB Dimensions Specification 11. Fiducial Mark Design 12. Surface Treatment 13. Files for Manufacture Requirements 14. Appendix 

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