Files for Manufacture Requirements – PCB DFM 13

13.1 Naming Requirements for Assembly Files
[108] Requires board name, version, panelization description and version information.

13.2 Naming Requirements for Stencil Layout Files
[109] Requires board name and version description.

13.3 Naming and Content Requirements for Drill Files
[110] Requires board name, version, base material, surface treatment method, board thickness, the number
of layers, the arrangement of layers, diameters of drill holes, drill hole properties, dimensions with tolerances
and any other special requirements.

Since you have learnt all rules, it’s time to find a PCB manufacturer to get your boards fabricated!

More Chapters:
1. Brief Introduction
2. Seeed Fusion PCB Specification
3. Panelization and Bridge Design
4. Component Layout Considerations
5. PCB Hole design
6. Solder Mask Design
7. Copper Trace Design
8. Silkscreen Design
9. PCB Lamination Structure
10. PCB Dimensions Specification
11. Fiducial Mark Design
12. Surface Treatment
14. Appendix 

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