Make for the Planet, Contribute your Creative Solutions for Marine Conservation Challenges

We are excited to partner with the Conservation X Labs in the upcoming Make For The Planet hackathon/competition in Kuching, Malaysia. 
MakeFor the planet
Make for the Planet is a team competition/hackathon to create hardware and/or software solutions to specific conservation challenges. Teams work to solve global conservation challenges through creative and transformative solutions that harness emerging science and technology, entrepreneurship, and design.
This year’s Make For The Planet workshop/hackathon/competition will be hosted at the 5th International Marine Conservation Congress (IMCC5) on June 24-29, 2018 at The Waterfront Hotel Kuching in Borneo, Malaysia.
Make4thePlanet 2018 invites 15 teams of 4 members to join & help solve marine conservation problems. 
For all participants, you’ll get
(1)  lodging (June 24~29) covered (2 members per room)
(2) registration for the 5th International Marine Conservation Congress
(3) access to equipment & tools at the pop-up maker space
(4) use Seeed products in developing your prototypes & solutions
(5) onsite tech support from Seeed
(6) get consultation session from SZOIL to continue to refine your prototypes& solutions after the event.
Grove environmental sensing family
For winners of this competition:
(1) at least 2 teams will win cash prizes, the prize purse of up to $10,000 USD.
(2) 1 team will receive a 6-month hot bench membership to Maker Bay in Hong Kong
There are limited spots for you to join this competition. Join now by apply here. You can either apply as a team of 4 members or join other teams that have less than 3 members, aka. Team Aquamedics or Team Seacology. Learn more about the current teams here. If you have any questions, do not hesitate to email barbara[at]conservationxlabs[dot]org. 
Seeed will provide 27 different products including micro-controllers, sensors, actuators, communication modules & displays, etc. Here is the list of the products that we provide. We are looking forward to seeing the seeds of Seeed products turned into creative solutions at Make4thePlanet in Kuching this June!products
Besides, we’ll also have an engineer to provide onsite tech support during the whole event. The engineer who will provide tech support to participants is Junheng Zhang (also known as John Henry), who is an active member at x.factory (Shenzhen), the maker space/Fab Lab created by Seeed. 
John Henry
John Henry has a professional background in Electrical Engineering and Automation. With several years of experiences in both software and hardware development, John is very familiar with software languages such as C, C++, Python; hardware platforms including STM32, Arduino, Raspberry Pi and BeagleBone; theory & algorithm in motor controls. John has participated in several projects including helicopter simulation system, robots, 5-axis robotic arms etc. And currently, he is self-teaching knowledge in deep learning and smart robot platform. He is also doing RnD in new genres of consumer electronics products.
Sending John Henry to Kuching to participate in the Make4thePlanet event is the first trip & attempt of the Seeed Ranger Program. We’d like to further explore, to support & grow with the community through Seeed Rangers. If you are interested, welcome to apply to become a Seeed Ranger here.

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