Embed Seeed Fusion straight into your website and take 5% commission!

Are you an owner of an electronics, maker, or CAD design website? Are your visitors interested in affordable and fast PCB manufacture, assembly and other mechanical services such as 3D printing? If that describes you, then read on.

Imagine your visitors being able to order PCBs straight from your website while you earn a little on the side. Seeed Fusion is offering commission to webmasters who embed a customized Seeed Fusion cooperation page on their site. For every order placed via this page, you will get 5% of the total product value.

It’s quick and easy, taking only a few hours for embedding and testing from our IT team and there is no set-up fee or minimum order requirement. It won’t cramp your style either. The webpage will feature your website header and can be customized to fit seamlessly with the rest of your site.

Not only is it an extra source of revenue and convenient for your visitors, it also adds depth and value to your website by showcasing your partnership with Seeedstudios. Likewise, Seeed will be honored to serve your guests and will take care of all order processing, logistics, and customer support.

Interested? Check out more details here (Website Integration) and send us a message briefly introducing yourself and your website to fusion-distributor@seeed.cc, and we look forward to meeting you.

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June 2018
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