New Version Released: Grove Shield for micro:bit v2.0

The Grove Shield for micro:bit is quite a hit among the community as a Grove extension board for the tiny but powerful computer micro:bit. Since its launch back in 2017, we have been collecting feedbacks from our users (Seeekers). And based on these feedbacks, we’ve improved a bit and now we’re releasing a new version: Grove Shield for micro:bit v2.0.


As we all know, BBC micro:bit is a tiny programmable computer aimed at getting a new generation of kids into learning, coding and computing, allowing users easily bring ideas into DIY digital games, interactive projects and robotics.

Grove Shield for micro:bit v2.0 retains the features of the previous version, and acts as a bridge for micro: bit and our powerful Grove system, which provides hundreds of different Grove modules including sensors, actuators, communication modules, inputs&outputs etc.

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In order to increase the stability, we made some mechanical improvements as follows.

  1. The new micro:bit connecter (in the green circle) has been mounted to the shield’s surface (without leaving any pins on the back), which makes the connection to micro:bit easier and stabler.
  2. The electrical components on the back (in the yellow circle) which serves as a Micro USB connector and a power supply have been moved to the front. In this way, you could place the shield just right side up.

We hope you enjoy the new version of the Grove Shield for micro:bit.v2.0. For more detailed information please check out our product page. If you have any questions or comments regarding to product details, feel free to comment on the page.

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2 thoughts on “New Version Released: Grove Shield for micro:bit v2.0

  1. Hey! I just bought the Shield at 10th (by anniversary) why didn’t post this before 🙁 I think I bought the previous version, I would like to get the latest, a little disapointed by slack communication :/

    1. Hi Laurence, we’re deeply sorry for the slack. Also sincere apologies that we had not shared the new version news on old version product page. We’re working on notice posting on the old version product page.

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