Apply for 1 FREE Azure Sphere MT3620 Development Kit

While IoT technology and devices become more accessible, there has been an increasing concern over the security of the devices in the IoT network. with the partnership between Microsoft and Seeed, we are proud to present you the Azure Sphere MT3620 Development Kit, the most secure IoT product!
Since the début of the Azure Sphere MT3620 Development Kit in May 2018, we know many of you are eagerly waiting for the arrivals of this precious little thing. Thank you very much for your patience, the product will be on its way towards your doorstep on September 24th. Getting excited! 😀
In the past months, we’ve got a lot of requests about this product, from tutorials to SDK/HDK, certification and many more! We are happy to see the interests and enthusiasm. The MT3620 Development Kit is compliant with RoHS and also certified with FCC, CE, MIC, and ROHS certifications. Rest assured!
Also, we’ve released a Grove Shield and an Azure Sphere Grove Starter Kit for the MT3620 Development Kit, which allows you to connect the kit with our powerful Grove module system. And tutorials, SDK, HDK as well as other peripherals are on the way. Stay tuned!
Meanwhile, we’ve received many requests for product reviews from the community. As always, we value the inputs and the power of joint-efforts from the community. Hence, we’ve decided to give away 20 pieces of Azure Sphere MT3620 Development Kit to the community!
If you have IoT projects that are in need of security, especially projects in the realm of Smart Home, welcome to apply for 1 FREE Azure Sphere MT3620 Development Kit, provided that you will share your project info with the community via or post blogs/videos/podcasts about the kit!
Please fill in this form to apply now! The product will start shipping to you around September 30th, 2018! Also, the application will be accepted on an ongoing basis.
We’ve got many applications so far, and we think it’d be better we set a deadline for this application: please apply before October 30th, 2018. Thank you~

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  1. Should we expect to hear anything back after completing the request form? Even a confirmation it was received?

    1. Hi Jeff, sorry for the late update. We’ve sent out the confirmation this morning, please check your email.

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