Today, we’re so excited to announce the launch of the brand new Seeed Swag Pack! We’ve got official polo shirts, soft t-shirts, Seeed green pens, super cool tattoo stickers, and enough cools stickers to wallpaper any item you love. Getting inspirations from our new slogan The IoT Hardware Enabler and our new Visual Identity System, we’ve spent the last few months working the kinks out, and we couldn’t be happier with these outputs.


Suit-up Polo Shirt (Staff Only)

To be honest, we all don’t like dress codes. As it is a must to present the profession and formalness when we’re exhibiting on some IoT expos or having business meetings with our clients, a suit-up Polo is our solution. If you get a glimpse of this Polo on exhibition, just come to catch up with us.

Almost all deep blue, with a touch of Seeed green in the neckline, cuff, and buttons. Another highlight for the Polo Shirts is the package, with the wisecracks: “I am a node. You are a node. We are all connected.”


Super Cool Circuit T-shirt

Of course, we have soft and comfy T-shirts apart from the suit-up Polos. To make the shirt unique gadget, our designers take the circuits as the design element. The routes and VIAs (vertical interconnect access) form in a shape of mountains. The geekiness of tech turns into a touch of art and design. We just love it.


Make-it-a-free-style Bag

One side of green, and one side of deep blue. Whichever you like, you could make it the front of the bag.


Just-Write Pen

How long haven’t you write with a pen? With this Just-write pen, we would love to encourage you to do a little retro-back. Hope it could be the just right pen for you to start writing again.


Stylish Tattoo Sticker

Tech could be art and style. And our Tattoo is a hint for that. Combining the circuit and our logo, we had a great eye-catching stylish wearable piece.


The Penrose Triangle Sticker

Created by the Swedish artist Oscar Reutersvärd in 1934, the Penrose Triangle Sticker is a triangular impossible object. We all love the conflict between the impossibility and the possibility of the triangular so much that we involve the shape into our 3 sticker designs. We also introduce the city elements “SZ Speed” and “The Silicon Valley of Hardware” into the design. Hope you love the illustrations as much as we do.

Although we’re really happy with these new swags, we love to get your feedback and inputs. Vote in the poll and let us know your favorite.

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Last but not least, we’re thinking to give away 10 swag packs (1 T-shirt, 1 draw pocket, 1 pen, 1 tattoo sticker, and 6 stickers, shipping included) to the community as a treat back for your support for the last 10 amazing years.

If you love the swag pack, leave any comment you think that could impress us. It could be a story about how you first knew Seeed, what you like most about us and why, or even complaints or doubts. The giveaways are subject to a first-come-first-served basis while stocks last. GAME ON!!!

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