New Seeed Fusion Premium PCB Service for industrial applications available now

Seeed Fusion service is proud to announce the new service tailored to industries and commercial applications that need the assurance of global certifications and 100% guaranteed reliability.

The new Fusion Premium service combines the convenience of the instant quoting platform, pioneered by Seeed Fusion 10 years ago with the quality assurance of the Fusion Advanced service.

By limiting the available parameters to cover the most common but still a wide selection of options, Seeed Fusion service can provide instantaneous quotations with just a few clicks, saving days or even weeks compared to regular quoting. The online platform also allows you to test combinations of parameters and understand the effect on pricing even before beginning the design.

With UL, RoHS, ISO9001, ISO13485, ISO/TS 16949 and COC certifications available, the service is suitable for industrial grade applications spanning medical, automation, communications, power supplies to daily appliances. The service handles each consignment individually and comes with in-depth design for manufacture review and manufacturing instruction (MI) generation to ensure the final manufactured boards match the designer’s intentions precisely.

This service was used to manufacture Seeed’s popular BeagleBone Green boards, which have sold over 80,000 units to over 60 countries.

Furthermore, the new Premium PCB service can be combined with Seeed Fusion’s PCB assembly (PCBA) service. Let Seeed handle the entire process with instant online BOM quotation, components procurement and in-house assembly.

With the new addition to the Seeed Fusion family, instant online quotation is no longer limited to quick-turn consignments. Improving availability and providing competitive manufacturing services for all, from makers, maker pros to established institutions is part of Seeed’s ambition and we hope many of you will find the new service invaluable to your projects.

For more complex requirements, the Advanced PCB service is still available via the Premium PCB order page. For more information, please contact us at [email protected].

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October 2018