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The Grove – Starter Kit for Arduino has been around for some time and it is a very interesting Starter Kit for beginners to get started with building many different electronics projects. The Kit includes 11 different modules which are called “Grove” modules, including a Base Shield and the 4-pin connector, makes prototyping very quick and easy.

We finally released an unboxing and getting started video for the Starter Kit for you guys to have a more understanding about the Starter Kit which will eventually allow you to play around with the modules that come with the Kit to build interesting projects. This video will help you set up all the necessary software to start using our Grove modules.

Today we are excited to hold our second giveaway and the winners will be awarded with this awesome Starter Kit. So guys, watch the YouTube video above and write your project idea in the comment section of the video to win this kit and turn your idea into a reality.

*Use as many Grove modules in the Starter Kit as possible

*Share project pages of Hackster, Instructables and other platforms in the video comment

*We’ll select projects we love to give away the kits. Think hard and good luck~

Giveaway Duration: 27/12/2018 – 17/01/2019


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  1. Hi Mahmood, if you would love to participate in the giveaway, the comments shoulbe be left on coment area of our Youtube video link.

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