Wearable Projects from HIF Cloud Workshop Presented at Chaihuo x.factory

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In early December, we had a group of 18 students + 1 professor from the University of New South Wales gathering at Chaihuo x.factory, the maker space and Fab Lab created by Seeed. This delegation was here as part of the HIF Cloud Workshop, which is an international, interdisciplinary hands-on workshop that takes place in Australia and China. After the event in Sydney in September 2018, HIF Cloud Workshop, led by Patricia Flanagan, brought 18 students to 3 cities in China (Beijing, Hong Kong and Shenzhen), where the students worked together in creating 4 cool wearable projects about making mobilities.
(HIF Cloud Workshop at Chaihuo x.factory) 

After a busy week of working at Chaihuo x.factory, the students presented their projects at Chaihuo x.factory, pitching to the community about their projects, the concepts and stories etc. The presentation attracted many community members to participate, which also triggered a heated discussion. 
You must be curious to learn about the projects! Here comes the project info.
Project UvU
Picture of Stage 1 - E-ink Display Set-up
(Picture Credit: UVU Team) 
UVU is an Ultra Violet (UV) Radiation sensing band, which is connected to an e-ink screen to display images at certain UV exposure levels. This process applies to the independent use of UV sensors and E-ink screens. You can see detailed instruction on how to build the project from this link.
Project Solar
(Picture Credit: Solar Team) 
Solar is a Solar Powered Arduino Survival Kit that allows you to scare away animals, alert rescue responders, and recharge your phone and track the path of your mobile Arduino setup. It’s made of a rechargeable battery pack, a solar panel serial setup, an electronic buzzer, and a GPS+Bluetooth module. You can see detailed instruction from this link.
Project Shensuo
(Picture Credit: Shensuo Team)
Shensuo is a piece of wearable technology that alleviates the dress stress of the modern woman; through its range of temperature and humidity sensors assisted by a clock as well as a manual override. Shensuo is capable of adapting to all temperature, changing colours etc.. You can see detailed project info here.
Project Stryde
(Picture Credit: Stryde Team) 
Stryde is a wearable project that provides amateur and intermediate runners with insights and assistance comparable to that available to professional athletes with low-cost, aesthetic and convenient wearables. Ultimately, these devices should help you to improve performance and avoid injury while running. You can see the step-by-step instruction here.
(Community Event at Chaihuo x.factory) 

It has been a few years since we’ve been collaborating with Tricia in different educational programs. Happy to see a variety of projects coming out from these programs, especially with Seeed technologies implemented in these creative projects! Can’t wait to see more wonderful interactions and creations in the coming new year!

Happy New Year from Seeed HQ in the warm Shenzhen!  🙂 <3

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