Calling all Badge Enthusiasts – Gather for Seeed’s Badge Sponsorship 2020!

Are you looking for a sponsor to help fabricate your badge for the next DEFCON or Maker Faire? Look no further because this year, we are excited to announce our Badge Sponsorship event!

Throughout the years, Seeed has strived to provide the best service for many badge hobbyists and badge groups, helping to bring their killer designs to life. We have seen our community’s passion for creating exceptional art in their badges, and thus we are eager to lend you a helping hand. This event is open to all badge hobbyists, badge groups or any other badge maker out there.

We are offering a sponsored Seeed Fusion PCB Assembly (PCBA) service. The Seeed PCBA service is capable of PCB manufacture, components procurement and assembly from the simplest to the most complicated designs, and can handle small batches for as little as a single piece, or in large quantities of up to 8000 pieces. Read about the details here.

All participants in the event can enjoy a 5% discount from using the sponsored PCBA service, no strings attached. Just drop us an e-mail to apply.

For more discounts, simply follow these instructions:

  1. For an 8% discount: Provide a video/article review on your experience using the PCBA service.
  2. For a 10% discount: Include the Seeed logo on your completed badge. An example is shown below.

This event will last for the entirety of 2020. To sign up, simply send your application to [email protected]. For any queries, feel free to contact our friendly and helpful customer support anytime.

If you are wondering how your badge might turn out after using the PCBA service, perhaps badges that have previously passed through our hands might give you a better idea. Let’s take a walk down memory lane and look at the various badges that Seeed has helped to create.

The Mr. Robot Badge and Tindie Blinky badges are both crafted with boards from Seeed.

If you were at DEFCON last year, you may very well have seen the Mr. Robot Badge by badge hobbyist, Benchoff. It is a badge made with two different solder mask colors using Seeed’s Advanced PCB service. It’s hard to miss, given its unique and artistic design. Another one of Benchoff’s badges made for DEFCON is the Tindie Blinky Badge. It was fabricated and kitted using the Seeed Fusion Service.

Check out the keyboard keys on DCZia’s badge.

You may also be familiar with other badges at DEFCON, such as the badge of the Badgelife group, DCZia. They resemble keyboards and light up in a variety of colors. The badge consisted of an ESP32 processor and 16 mechanical keyboard keys backlit with RGB LEDs. Their badges were fabricated with Seeed Fusion PCBA service.

Maker Faire Prague’s iconic badge

Last June, Pague hosted its very first Maker Faire, and it was the first ever one to be held in the Czech Republic. That said, we were delighted when we received the offer for a badge partnership to manufacture a few hundred badges. Similarly, the Maker Faire Prague badge was also fabricated using Seeed’s assembly facilities. 

We hope our past achievements with the PCBA service has lived up to your expectations. If these examples are not sufficient enough for you to gauge, why not give the sponsorship a try?

We await eagerly to receive your applications!


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