Grove Base Kit for Raspberry Pi – #newproductsTuesday

Hey Seeekers!!

It’s newproductsTuesday again!!!! Today we are very excited to introduce the all-new Grove Base Kit for Raspberry Pi.

This Kit is the perfect Kit for beginners to get started with the Raspberry Pi in a fun and easy way. The Grove Base Hat which is included in this Kit allows you to connect all the Grove modules that come with this Kit to a Raspberry Pi and build amazing projects!!!

This Base Hat is based on the STM32 MCU which has a 12-bit 8-channel ADC and has 6-Digital, 4-Analog, 3-I2C, 1-PWM, 1-UART port and also GPIO pins same as the Raspberry Pi.

We have provided 10 different Grove modules in this Kit which combines sensors and actuators that support for audio, light, motion and more.

  • Grove – 16 X 2 LCD (White on Blue)
  • Grove – Mini PIR Motion Sensor
  • Grove – Ultrasonic Ranger
  • Grove – Red LED Button
  • Grove – Relay
  • Grove – Light Sensor
  • Grove – Moisture Sensor
  • Grove – Temperature & Humidity Sensor (DHT11)
  • Grove – Buzzer
  • Grove – Servo

Also, we have provided clear documentation and libraries for each and every Grove module and everything can be found in our wiki page of this Base Kit.

After using this Kit, you guys will realize how easy it is to use Grove modules along with a Raspberry Pi for prototyping!!!

Also, this Kit is very cost effective when compared to our Starter Kit for Raspberry Pi with the GrovePi+ included. Because of the inclusion of the Grove Base Hat in this kit, the cost of this Kit is almost half when compared with the Grove Pi+ Starter Kit for Raspberry Pi.

Furthermore, we have also made a very interesting YouTube video for this Kit that includes unboxing, getting started (setting up software and hardware) and also video tutorials to follow along with them so that you will be on your way to building your very own Raspberry Pi based projects!!!!

We hope you guys liked our Grove Base Kit for Raspberry Pi. Stay tuned for more exciting products that will be coming up in the future!!!!

Here is a sneak peek of the tutorials inside the video above.

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