Ubuntu 19.10 Release – Supports Raspberry Pi 4

Ubuntu 19.10 was recently released on 17 October 2019 and is powered by the all new GNOME 3.34 and version 5.3 of the Linux kernel. Through this article, you will know more about

  • What is Ubuntu
  • Ubuntu 19.10 Raspberry Pi 4 Features
  • Where to install and upgrade to Ubuntu 19.10
  • Alternative Operating Systems

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Without further ado, let us jump right in on Ubuntu 19.10 Release – Supports Raspberry Pi 4 first point: What is Ubuntu?

What is Ubuntu?

This is for the benefit of users who do not know about Ubuntu! If you already know what is Ubuntu and its features, you can skip this point.

So what exactly is Ubuntu?

  • Ubuntu is a FREE, open-source Linux distribution based on Debian developed by Canonical.
  • It is able to run on various platforms like:
    • Desktop
    • IoT
    • Cloud
    • Servers
    • Containers
  • Ubuntu is popular for cloud computing and also supports OpenStack and is also known for being very secure.
  • Ubuntu is released every 6 months with the latest release being the 19.10 also known as Eoan Ermine.
  • To know more about Ubuntu, you can check out their webiste here.

Ubuntu 19.10 Raspberry Pi 4 Features

So, the Ubuntu 19.10, what does it mean for the Raspberry Pi 4?

“With the Raspberry Pi 4 Model B, developers get access to a low-cost board, powerful enough to orchestrate workloads at the edge with MicroK8s.”

During Ubuntu 19.10 announcement, said Canonical
  • The Eoan Ermine comes with an all new GNOME 3.34 and version 5.3 of the Linux kernel.
    • With the upgraded Linux Kernel 5.3, it features new hardware support for AMD Navi GPUs, new ARM SoCs, ARM Komeda Display and Intel Speed Select on Xeon servers.
    • The new GNOME 3.34 Desktop includes bug fixes, new features, improved speeds and responsiveness.
  • The Ubuntu 19.10 also has some pretty neat Core Software Updates that offer stable versions of various desktop applications like
    • LibreOffice 6.3
    • Firefox 69
    • Thunderbird 68
    • GNOME Terminal 3.34
    • Transmission 2.9.4
    • GNOME Calendar 3.34
    • Remmina 1.3.4
    • Gedit 3.34
  • Some other main features of the Ubuntu 19.10 includes:
    • Increased Boot Speeds
    • Supports ZFS File
    • 32-bit Support Changes
    • Security Improvements
    • Edge Computing Functionality
    • Multi-cloud Infrastructure Support
  • Not using a Raspberry Pi 4? No worries as it supports almost all types of Raspberry Pi from Pi 2, 3B, 3B+, CM3, CM3+ but sadly not on the Raspberry Pi 3 A+.
  • Want to know more about what the Ubuntu 19.10 features? Click here for its release notes!

Where to install and upgrade to Ubuntu 19.10

You can now download and install Ubuntu 19.10 for free in 3 types of images:

  • Desktop Image
  • Server Install Image
  • Torrent files

You can download the images here. To download other versions of Ubuntu 19.10 (Kubuntu, Lubuntu) or upgrade from Ubuntu 19.04, click here.

Alternative Operating systems

Unfortunately, there only a few other alternatives if you do not wish to use Ubuntu as the operating system for your Raspberry Pi 4. However, we will update this list as time passes and more operating systems images becomes available. Some options currently are:

For your convenience, we created a table that highlights their main differences!

Open Source? User Friendly? Purpose Cost
Raspbian No Yes Official Supported Operating System
Lakka Yes Yes Game Console Free
LibreElec Yes Yes Media Centre Free!


With the Ubuntu 19.10 available now, it opens up new doors for hobbyists and experienced engineers using the new Raspberry Pi 4. Ubuntu 19.10 will be supported for 9 months. After that users can opt for Ubuntu 20.04 which will be schedule for 23rd April 2020 for 5 years Long Term Support (LTS).

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Want to know more about the Raspberry Pi 4? Take a look at our Complete Guide for Raspberry Pi 4!

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