New Test Development Version of Retropie for Raspberry Pi 4 Out Now!

As we enter the new year 2020, we have some good news to share with you guys, the Retropie official team has just released a new test development version of Retropie for the Raspberry Pi 4!

However, don’t get too excited yet as this version is still an UNSUPPORTED version for users to just play around with it and test it out.

Referenced from Reddit, if you wish to test it out for yourself,

  • The default login/ssh/ftp/etc for this image is:
    • User: pi 
    • Password: raspberry
  • Download the zipped file which is in .img format and extract the file from the zip (.gz) where the .img file can be written to sd with EtcherWin32DiskImager, etc
  • You can download the most recent build from
  • However, the Pi 4 video drivers are not yet optimized for 4k displays
    • Make sure you’re using hdmi 0 (the micro hdmi port next to the usb-c power port).
    • Edit your config.txt and paste this to force it to 1080p with this following command:

Do note that this version is of no means a completed finish release and is one of the earliest releases to date. So do not get your hopes too high, but, this means that the Retropie is one step closer to an official release and we can all look forward to an official version being released in the near future hopefully.

If you can’t wait to use to Retropie, you can try manually installing it with our guide which has worked for thousands of users on how to Build Your Own Raspberry Pi 4 Retro Game Console with Retropie

For any updates on the new test development version, you can check out the commits on github!

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