Back In Stock: CE & FDA Certificated Face Masks Available on Seeed Bazaar Now

We have received many inquiries from our friends in the community for face masks since we notified our mailing list of the availability of face masks for purchase on the Seeed Bazaar last week. Our first batch of face masks has been sold out and all orders have been shipped safely.

However, seeing that there are still many urgent demands, we wanted to do our best to make masks available to more people. In the past few days, we contacted many local suppliers and managed to obtain a new batch of CE&FDA certificated face masks at a lower price. It has arrived at our warehouse earlier than estimated after negotiating with the supplier.

As we mentioned in our previous post, we are aiming to help as many people with urgent demands as possible. Seeed is not making any profit on these masks. Our supply chain management team has worked hard to source larger batches of face masks and negotiated for lower prices, and our quality assurance team has carefully verified the certifications and manufacturer qualifications of every supplier to make sure people can receive face masks with good, reliable quality. That’ s why we are able to bring you a new batch of certified face masks at a cheaper price. Big thanks to the whole team and all the help from the community!

Currently, the market is fluctuating heavily all the time. While what we are able to offer is not the cheapest, it is the best price so far that we can get for our community. This is also the same face masks provided for Seeed’s staff for daily operation.

Seeed will continue to source other protective gears and make them available to you. If you have needs regarding a specific item, please send an email to [email protected]. Let’s all keep safe and keep making, alone but together. Wishing you all the best!

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April 2020