Wio Terminal:A Look Back to Last Week #7 – Reviews from MakeUseOf & BnBe Club, PinOut Diagram Updates, and Demo Using TF Mini LiDAR

We are out of Wio Terminal! Good news is that limited stock will be available in June. Subscribe to back to stock notification on the right of this page in case you miss the next batch 😉

This week’s summary will bring you:

  • Reviews from MakeUseOf & BnBe Club
  • User manual & PinOut Diagram Updates
  • Play with Grove TF Mini LiDAR – The Game of “Statues”

Let’s have a look!

Reviews from MakeUseOf & BnBe Club

Packed full of sensors, buttons, a color LCD screen, and Wi-Fi connectivity, the Wio Terminal from SeeedStudio is fantastic value and well documented. That makes it easy to get on with what’s really important: making cool stuff.

Why I’m Never Buying an Arduino Again: The Wio Terminal

Review from MakeUseOf: Why I’m Never Buying an Arduino Again: The Wio Terminal

In this video, we start with a quick overview, followed by uploading a few demo sketches to the board. We also take a quick look inside the module that definitely appears to be well put together.

Review from BnBe Club: Is The Wio Terminal Any Good? Getting Started + Bug Workaround

User manual & PinOut Diagram Updates

Except for the Raspberry Pi 40 pin GPIO, we didn’t provide a pinout diagram for other interfaces. Now a more completed version has been released which makes it easier to find the specific pin. We will also update it to the printed manual (and also some stickers with clear labels help you access to the right pin conveniently!)

There is also another pinout diagram designed by @matsujirushi12 in a different format. Great job!

Play with Grove – TF Mini LiDAR – The Game of “Statues”

How long are you be able to keep a one-meter distance from the precise and accurate Grove – TF Mini LiDAR? Could you stand still for 10s? So far, no one could win the game……Can’t wait to have a try? Check the hardware connection and more information here!

We will keep updating the latest news about Wio Terminal, stay tuned with us and leave a comment if you want to know something that we haven’t mentioned!

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