Top 5 Featured Seeeduino/Arduino Grove Projects of the Week – May 28

Hello everyone! We hope everyone is staying safe from COVID-19 and wishing you all good health! It’s the fifth week of May and we have selected some awesome projects for you. Here are the top5 featured projects using various of Grove modules. Hope you will find something interesting and come up with more creative ideas.

1. Security Access Using Seeeduino Lotus

by liman chen

This project made a security access door using Seeeduino Lotus. When you knock on the door or close to the door, the door will open automatically. A door knocker with ancient Chinese elements makes it a distinctive and unique project.

Project link on heckster:

Hardware Components You May Need

2. Pocket Distance Alarm V2 – Seeeduino XIAO

by Makerming

This project is a portable distance alarm that will give light and sound warnings when people get into your one-meter circle. Pocket Distance Alarm using the upcoming Grove Shield for Seeeduino XIAO, no jumper wire and soldering needed.

Hardware Components You May Need

SeeeduinoXIAO × 1
Grove – Circular LED × 1
Grove Shield for SeeeduinoXIAO (upcoming in mid-June) × 1
Grove – Vibration Motor × 1
Grove – Time of Flight Distance Sensor(VL53L0X) × 1

3. DIY Humidifier – Grove Water Atomization

by SurtrTech

Grove Water Atomization is one of our coolest Grove actuators, you could use it to make your own humidifier, aroma diffuser and make fantastic lighting effects. This project made a DIY humidifier using Seeeduino Nano and Grove Water Atomization, and enable keep track of the current humidity with Grove DHT11.

Hardware Components You May Need

4. Mini Water Quality Station Using Seeeduino XIAO

by Anson He

This project made the best use of the Seeeduino XIAO and OLED display to display data in real-time. The Mini Water Quality Station shown in the project is able to detect TDS, turbidity, and water level, with the help of Seeed’s Grove TDS Sensor, Grove – Turbidity Sensor, and Grove – Water Level Sensor. The project can be used to measure home drinking water to meet drinking standards.

Hardware Components You May Need

5. Alcohol Detection Project

by ScottC

This project used Grove Alcohol Sensor to made a alcohol detection device which could show how much alcohol is in the air.

Hardware Components You May Need

More information about the Grove Modules can be found here:

Above is the Top 5 featured Grove projects for this week. If also you have awesome projects, please do not hesitate to share with us. Hope to see your projects here soon!

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