New Release | SenseCAP ONE, Industrial-grade Compact Weather Stations for Meteorological Monitoring

Seeed is releasing SenseCAP ONE series compact weather station for monitoring meteorological parameters.

(Seeed Booth (#1233) at the China High-tech Expo on Meteorological Modernization 2020)

Today is the first day of China High-tech Expo on Meteorological Modernization 2020 in Shanghai. And our industrial-grade compact weather stations SenseCAP ONE series made their debut at the trade show!

For those who have followed Seeed, you might have already known that we have been investing a lot of effort and resources into creating industrial-grade products dubbed “SenseCAP” for environmental sensing and monitoring. And we’ve officially launched SenseCAP LoRaWAN series a few months ago. Now we are happy to unveil another series: SenseCAP ONE compact weather stations!

(SenseCAP ONE series compact weather stations)

SenseCAP ONE consists of several meteorological sensors that measure the following parameters: air temperature & humidity, barometric pressure, light, precipitation, wind speed, wind direction, PM2.5, and PM10. By adopting a modular design, SenseCAP ONE makes it possible for you to conveniently integrate different combinations of sensors into one compact weather station according to actual application needs.

On March 22nd, We announced the debut of one of the SenseCAP ONE series of products: S700 7-in-1 Compact Weather Sensor on our Bazaar webpage! S700 7-in-1 Weather Sensor measures air temperature, relative humidity, barometric pressure, light intensity, rainfall (optical), wind speed, and wind direction (ultrasonic). It is ideal for application in a rough environment like outdoor, agriculture, or smart cities.

The products are designed with industry standards, IP66 rated, featuring high accuracy, high reliability and stability, and strong robustness. SenseCAP ONE series supports RS485/RS422 (Modbus) and SDI-12 interface, enabling easy extension with other sensors of respective interfaces. You can use SenseCAP ONE sensors with our Sensor Hub  4G Data Logger. SenseCAP ONE is easy to deploy, durable for long-term operation in the harsh environment in the outdoor field, making it perfect for applications in the scenarios of smart city, power-grid, power plants, road weather stations, airports, and smart agriculture, etc.

(Some application scenarios of SenseCAP ONE compact weather station)

Apart from this debut (Seeed booth #1233) at the China High-tech Expo on Meteorological Modernization 2020 in Shanghai, SenseCAP ONE and other Seeed IIoT series products will be shown at the 2020 Guangzhou World Agricultural Expo (Seeed booth #Z5B).

(We are also exhibiting at the 2020 Guangzhou World Agricultural Expo (Seeed booth #Z5B)

If you are around, welcome to stop by our booths and say hi! If you are afar, hope we can meet at some other time around the world! Meanwhile please take care, and stay tuned for our updates of SenseCAP ONE’s general availability!

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