3 Steps to Sell your Product on Seeed with Ease

You’ve probably heard of the Seeed Fusion Marketplace, the new online store for creators to sell their products manufactured and fulfilled by Seeed. Today we are so excited to introduce the first product on Seeed’s Fusion Marketplace.

The 40-pin Raspberry Pi hat adapter board was born because one of Seeed’s staff (Lion Kong) wanted to connect ReSpeaker and Wio Terminal in a more convenient way for his personal project. It is perfect to help cut off all the unnecessary clunky DuPont cables.

Lion found that his simple but practical design was transferable to many other applications and boards, not just the ReSpeaker Pi Hat. However, it is not that easy to turn that into Seeed’s official products. But still, he believes it will be helpful to makers like him. He decided to sell on his own, but he did not want to handle the hassle of manufacture and dispatch. This is where the Seeed Fusion Marketplace came in.

Seeed Fusion’s new platform seemed to meet his needs exactly, so Lion decided to give it a try. He registered as a user and put his product on the Seeed Fusion Marketplace without a penny of effort. He has the first pilot run of 100 pieces and 23 pieces were sold on the first day when the product was launched, which was quite unexpected!

It is not a lot of money but it inspired other makers in Shenzhen, showing them that there is a way to help turn their design into a product and sell to the community all over the world without all the hassle of manufacturing and dispatch.

Why Seeed Fusion Marketplace?

For a small company or an individual like Lion, there are 3 main advantages to choosing Seeed Fusion Marketplace as the start of your journey:

● Easy to get started, it is rather cost-efficient and the operation is very simple. You only need to place a PCBA order to start selling on Seeed’s Fusion marketplace. Seeed will help you manufacture, carry stock, and dispatch the boards.

● Seeed Studio is a well-recognized name in the open-source, maker and start-up communities, get maximum exposure by listing on a marketplace with an existing audience alongside similar products.

● With 12 years of product development, manufacturing and international e-commerce experience, and a host of additional services for PCB assembly, you can guarantee that your products come out of the factory floor fully working and ready to go.

How to sell your electronic products on Seeed’s marketplace

Seeed Marketplace is suitable for Seeed Fusion PCBA users looking to sell their products worldwide hassle-free. You barely need to lift a finger to start selling directly on the Seeed website! Establish a long-term store or list a few pieces to gauge interest in your idea. Try it out!

1. Place a Seeed Fusion PCB assembly order. As usual, upload your Gerber files and BOM file, and select the board’s parameters and any other features on the Seeed Fusion smart quotation page. Remember to select the Drop Shipping delivery option at the checkout!

2. Go to your account page and select Drop Shipping Administration to view your current drop shipping orders. Once your PCBA order is complete, you can click Sell on Seeed and start creating your listing.

3. Fill in an enticing description of your creation and upload some attractive photos. After a quick audit and confirmation, your listing will go online and you can start selling right away!

The profits made will sync to your administration platform with each purchase.

Isn’t it super easy? If you still have doubts, check out the following video showing the steps in detail.

How to Sell Your Product on Seeed Marketplace in 3 Steps?

Whether you are an enthusiastic maker who wants to share products with the community, or a start-up wanting to expand sales channels, Seeed Fusion Marketplace is a perfect platform for you to turn ideas come true, without all the trouble of manufacture and dispatch.

Seeed Fusion has been rapidly upgrading the PCB assembly service to make it more accessible, streamlined and feature-packed. We know that many businesses are struggling to balance the books in these turbulent times. So, we are working hard to find solutions to help businesses, including sponsorships and payment plans. Stay tuned, we hope you will look forward to it.

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November 2020