The new $5 Raspberry Pi 4 Case fan is now available for pre-order!

Raspberry Pi Foundation has recently released an official accessory for the Raspberry Pi 4, a $5 Raspberry Pi 4 case fan that is designed to clip inside the Raspberry Pi 4 case without coming in contact with the board itself. It is aimed to help cool down the Raspberry Pi 4 and prevent it from overheating and optimise the performance.

The new $5 Raspberry Pi 4 Case fan is now available for pre-order!
This $5 case fan includes a 5V mini fan that is connected to 40 GPIO pins and a tiny heatsink.

Raspberry Pi 4 heating and throttling issue

After Raspberry Pi 4’s release last year, many users face the issue of their Raspberry Pi 4 heating up which makes the frequency of the CPU throttle and that affected the overall performance of the device.

This is especially apparent as the Raspi’s official case prevents ventilation which causes Raspi 4 to overheat, but the Raspberry Pi Foundation has since then released a software upgrade on power optimization to eliminate throttling for uncased Raspi 4.

Demo of Raspberry Pi 4 Case Fan

Ref: Raspberry Pi

However, the Raspberry Pi Foundation has stated that this new case fan would be enough to resolve this issue since it “draws air in over the USB and Ethernet connectors, passes it over a small finned heatsink attached to the processor, and exhausts it through the SD card slot,” as mentioned by Eben Upton, CEO of Raspberry Pi Foundation.

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