More Wio Terminal Sensors are now Azure IoT Plug & Play Certified!

Ever since the Wio Terminal was Azure IoT Plug & Play Certified in 2020, we’ve been excited about the possibilities that it would achieve with Microsoft Azure IoT. Today, we’re happy to share that three more accessories for the Wio Terminal are now also Azure IoT Plug & Play Certified to help you build IoT solutions more effectively with the Wio Terminal and Azure IoT!

About IoT Plug and Play: Easy, Transparent Development!

The Azure Certified Device program connects device builders and solution builders in IoT, by allowing the capabilities and compatibilities of a given device to be clearly and consistently identified. With this, you can rest assured that Azure IoT certified devices are built to run on Azure and can meet the requirements you need for your IoT solution!

The baseline Azure Certified Device certification certifies basic compatibility with Azure IoT Hub, and allows a new device to connect to your Azure IoT application conveniently through the Device Provisioning Service (DPS). IoT Plug and Play certification adds further to this certification by enabling a no-code, seamless experience when using reTerminal with Azure IoT Central.

Three Wio Terminal Accessories Join the Azure Certified Device Catalog

The Watchdog (VL53L0X ToF Sensor), Dust Sensor (HM3301) and LCD display for the Wio Terminal have now been added to the Azure Certified Device Catalog with the IoT Plug and Play certification – and can be easily used with the Wio Terminal and Azure IoT!

The Wio Terminal is a fully integrated microcontroller platform from Seeed that is powered by the powerful Microchip ATSAMD51P19 with ARM Cortex-M4F core clocked at 120MHz. Equipped with a light sensor, accelerometer, microphone, buttons and buzzer, the Wio Terminal even comes with two Grove ports that allow you to quickly prototype various applications with over 300+ modules in the Grove Ecosystem!

The Wio Terminal even packs enough power in its compact form factor to run TinyML models with machine learning frameworks like Edge Impulse and Tensorflow Lite – letting you build cloud connected AI, IoT applications like never before! Click here to learn more.

With the addition of even more Wio Terminal accessories into the Azure Certified Device catalog, developers using the Wio Terminal will also gain access to detailed documentation and support for using each devices with Azure IoT Central, including a step-by-step guide! You can access this documentation by visiting each of the modules’ catalog pages as listed below and navigating to the Get started guide.

Watchdog (VL53L0X ToF Sensor) | Dust Sensor (HM3301) | Wio Terminal LCD display

Avoid Complex Configurations & Visualise Your Solutions

IoT Plug and Play works through a model created with Azure’s open-source Digital Twin Definition Language (DTDL), which describes the capabilities of each of these devices in a JSON-like template. This model includes information about the type and shape of data that the devices can send to Azure cloud, as well as the interaction patterns for cloud-to-device communications.

In essence, this model pre-defines the interactions between a Wio Terminal equipped with these devices and your IoT solution, allowing immediate integration and avoiding frustrating errors and troubleshooting altogether! You can even visualise your end-to-end IoT solutions by simulating device instances on Azure IoT Central, as well as design large-scale interactions with Azure Digital Twins!

The Wio Terminal was designed to enable numerous possibilities with IoT. With Azure IoT Plug and Play, the team at Seeed is extremely excited that it is now easier, more convenient and more effective than ever for developers to start designing their IoT solutions!

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