Brand new Raspberry Pi PoE+ HAT is now available at Seeed!

The Raspberry Pi Foundation has just announced the brand new Raspberry Pi PoE+ HAT for providing power over ethernet to your Raspberry Pi single board computers – which is now also available on Seeed’s Online Store. Here’s what you need to know!

Raspberry Pi 4B with the Raspberry Pi PoE+ HAT

Power Over Ethernet

PoE, short for Power over Ethernet, is a form of power delivery over CAT5 or CAT6 ethernet cables, usually alongside an existing data connection. PoE connections can be extremely useful and versatile, since the number of cables required to power a network-connected system is halved. Furthermore, ethernet connections are fairly universal and accessible, and uniquely allow you to manage a variety of devices in a more comprehensive manner from a remote access connection.

With a PoE HAT on the Raspberry Pi, you can now take advantage of PoE and its added functionality on your existing Raspberry Pi Computer! To learn more about PoE on the Raspberry Pi, I strongly encourage you to visit our previous article here!

Raspberry Pi PoE+ HAT

The Raspberry Pi PoE+ HAT sports an updated design from and is meant to directly replace the existing PoE HAT with an upgrade in output power from 5V/2.5A to 5V/4.0A. Fully mechanically compatible with its predecessor and meeting all the requirements of IEEE 802.3af (802.3at Type 1) specifications, the brand new RPi PoE+ HAT can be easily integrated in any of your existing or new Raspberry Pi projects or applications that require power over ethernet!

Product Features:

  • Input voltage: 37-57V DC, Class 2 device
  • Output power: 5V DC/4.0A
  • Cooling: 25mm x 25mm brushless fan delivering 2.2CFM for processor cooling
  • Fully isolated switch-mode power supply & Fan control
  • Mechanically compatible with the existing Raspberry Pi PoE HAT 

The new Raspberry Pi PoE+ HAT is now available for preorder on the Seeed Online Store! Don’t miss out and visit its product page now!

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