#Techsmith02: Embedded Linux Application Engineer Needed

Hey Community,

Time for another Techsmith entry. If you are not familiar with this session, it is an interface for the community and Seeed to collaborate closely in a sustainable way. 

For this entry, we are looking for qualified and experienced candidates as Embedded Linux Application Engineer (part-time or contract) to working closely with our STU team who have developed our reThings (reSpeaker, reComputer, reTerminal, and reServer), Raspberry Pi CM4, Jetson Series.

Position: Embedded Linux Application Engineer

Number of People in Demand: 5+

Recruitment Budget: around US$ 2000 per project (the specific amount varies by project)


  1. Apply Seeed’s STU product lines (ex. Odyssey x86,Raspberry Pi CM4 Series,Jetson Series, ReSpeaker) to specific industrial, agricultural, electronic, and new media projects.
  2. Harness English to document your projects, including the project tutorial, product usage procedures, and projects’ source codes.
  3. Must Seeed-related product users (FYI: During the projects, Seeed will provide partial technical support, but all the products shall be purchased by the applicants).


  1. Excellent programming ability, rich experience related to Linux programming
  2. More than one Linux project experience (please provide the project links to GitHub, or other platform) . The project could be for example a 3D Printer Integration with Odyssey x86, Industrial HMI Displays using reTerminal).
  3. Be already Seeed-related product users is a must. Having successful commercial or industrial projects using these product lines is a plus.

CLICK TO APPLY ?? https://forms.gle/Yrjg48ioPNUuoZzh6

The application deadline for this position is August 15th, 2021.
Have questions about the opportunity? Email us at lily.li{at}seeed.cc

We’ve published our first talent-hunt post calling for LoRa IoT Application Project Coordinators. And we’ll keep updating talent-hunts. You could also fill in the application for our upcoming opportunities if you would love to participate in the Techsmith Program. Stay tuned. 

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