Time for the Easiest Ever Contest! 1 Step to Win up to $300 Coupon

Hey community,

If you are keeping updated with us lately, you might notice that some Wio Terminal project kits are available in our official shop, which aims to help people get started with project building quickly by following the project tutorials: Benjamin Cabé’s Artificial Nose project kit shows how to apply TinyML to create a smart nose that can actually tell different smells. CAN Bus Car Hacking Kit inspired by Longan Labs,  provides a guide to hack your car with a Wio Terminal, an OBD2 connector, and a Grove Serial CAN Bus Module.

Now, a piece of exciting news for people who just love our Wio Terminal: to celebrate the sunshine of July, we are announcing, “Share Your Wio Terminal Project Contest, aka. the Easiest Ever Contest”.

Got a great idea for a project using Seeed Wio Terminal? That’s good, and take your time to build it. Already created some awesome projects with Wio Terminal? That’s even better as you’ll only need to do 1 step to enter the contest if you get your project ready.

All you have to do is to submit your project information by clicking here and then done, you’ve seized the chance to win the prize: a shopping coupon on Seeed Bazaar with a value to cover your expenses for all products that you bought from Seeed for the project (maximum value limited to $300 for every project). 

And there will be an extra plus for those projects that we select in the contest, we will publish your project as a kit on Seeed while you as the project creator will be mentioned with referral links on the project kit page. 

A reminder: There will be no deadline for submitting the entries. Yes, the contest is running on an ongoing basis, which means that you could always submit your Wio Terminal projects to win the prize. As long as you make a new project with Wio Terminal, you could submit to enter the contest multiple times. 

Some tips: If you used more than 3 Seeed products in your project, there will be a plus in the criteria. Projects related to TinyML, IoT, festivals, being cool and fun, are the ones that we would love to see…We have said too much. We want to be surprised by what you come up with, so feel free to get creative.

Disclaimer: All entries are subjected to authorize Seeed to publish as Project Kits on Seeed Bazaar. Selection is based on meeting Seeed criteria. All rulings are at the final discretion of the Seeed team.

We’ve seen a ton of great Wio Terminal project ideas emerging already in the community; Don’t miss your chance to be one of the winners! If you have any questions about the contest, feel free to reach out to Lily on LinkedIn. Now good luck!



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