Arduino Collection: Latest News, Guides, Tutorials, Projects, Hardware Recommendations and More!

Arduino boards are something Seeed’s community has been passionate about for years. With Seeed’s mission of lowering the barriers of electronics and IoT development, we have worked out an extensive collection of blog articles to help Arduino users better wield their Arduino!

In this Arduino Collection, we have articles on the latest news regarding Arduinos, massive amounts of guides, tutorials, projects and hardware recommendations, and many more. Use this collection as a pit-stop to find your inspiration for your next major Arduino project! If you’re a beginner just getting started with the Arduino, we have a section of articles below to give you a headstart in your journey too! This collection will be helpful for beginners and experts alike.

Content Outline:

  • Latest Arduino News and Updates by Seeed
  • Getting Started with Arduino
  • General Arduino Guides
  • Arduino Hardware Selection Guide
  • Arduino Hardware Accessories Guide
  • Arduino Board Alternatives
  • Moving into TinyML
  • Arduino Projects and Hardware Recommendations

Latest Arduino News and Updates by Seeed

In this first section, you’ll find the latest news and updates for Arduino. You’ll find articles on new products, new releases, and more!

Getting Started with Arduino

For beginners just getting started with the Arduino, this section is for you! Over here you’ll find guides to help you comprehensively understand your Arduino and its different components. For instance, you’ll learn about the types of memory, data types and communication standards that the Arduino uses!

You should first head on here to have a basis on what is an Arduino. This article will give you an overview of Arduino, its functions, its components, and more! It will also share with you the different types of Arduino boards available and the best way to get started on your journey to mastering the Arduino.

General Arduino Guides

In this section, you’ll find a mixture of different guides for the Arduino. The guides here consist of mainly usage guides and also several accessories guides for all levels of users. There are also several guides here for experienced users to more efficiently use their Arduinos!

Arduino Hardware Selection Guides

With all the different Arduino boards available in the market and also the different shields and accessories, it can be challenging to pick between them. Here is a section of articles dedicated to guide readers to pick between the different Arduino boards and accessories.

Arduino Boards

Go to this article if you’re looking to buy your first or next Arduino board for your projects or experimentation. This article will list down all the different Arduino boards available and even some popular ones by third-party vendors.

Arduino Sensors and Accessories

Arduino Hardware Accessories Guides

With all the different sensors and modules available for the Arduino, it can be difficult for you to learn about all of them. This section consists of a compilation of introductory guides and usage guides for most of the popular sensors and modules available for Arduinos! These guides will go through the different features, applications and guide you on how to use them with your Arduino.

Grove – An Easier Way to Learn Hardware

On the other hand, you might know now that we’re a strong advocate of our Grove ecosystem. Grove is a modular and standardised connector prototyping system that takes a building block approach to assemble electronics. By eliminating the need for jumper wires or solder, you can get straight into hardware prototyping and programming without the hassles that plague traditional methods.

We’ve also developed a comprehensive Grove Beginner Kit for Arduino to make it even easier to learn electronics and programming without the fuss of complicated wiring. Learn about how this kit enables electronics learning and more in our resource roundup!

There are over 300 Grove modules available for a variety of purposes, including sensors, actuators, display and communication modules, all of which you can find here. No matter the project you are working on, there will definitely be a Grove module for you. Alternatively, check out the following selection guides to pick the best Grove module for your use case!

Introductory Guides for Arduino Sensors and Accessories

General Sensors and Accessories Guides

Arduino Hardware Usage Tutorials

Dedicated Guides for Arduino Sensors and Accessories

Arduino Board Alternatives

For those getting started with electronics and coding, most would recommend Arduino boards due to their easy-to-use features, most notably the Arduino UNO. However, there are many different Arduino alternatives as well. Most of them come with their own unique features, offering different learning and programming experience for users.

Compared to Arduino boards, these alternatives aren’t better or worse. Instead, they offer their own set of features and you should look at your requirements before choosing to get one. Here at Seeed, we have developed our own Arduino compatible boards as well!

Seeed’s Seeeduino Lineup

Seeeduino is Seeed’s lineup of Arduino-compatible boards. Being Arduino-compatible means that Seeeduino boards are 100% compatible with the Arduino software, shields and IDEs! Seeeduino boards come with the aforementioned Grove connectors, allowing you to easily connect Grove modules for prototyping without worrying about any wiring.

There are several Seeeduino boards available with some of them being based on Arduino Boards. There are unique boards as well such as the Seeeduino Xiao, the smallest Arduino compatible board in the Seeeduino family, being power efficient while still having enough power to be used in Arduino wearable devices and several projects. Check out our online store to look at all of the Seeeduino boards available. Additionally, check out our resource roundup for the Seeeduino Xiao, along with its community projects collections below!

Wio Terminal

The Wio Terminal is another one of Seeed’s Arduino-compatible boards. If having a multitude of features jam-packed into a single board is your thing, this board is definitely for you.

Not only being Arduino-compatible, but it also comes with its own set of unique features as well such as a built-in display, built-in buttons and joystick, wireless connectivity, integrated sensors, Grove connectors, MicroSD and OTG support, and more! Being versatile for a wide range of projects, it is the ultimate device to learn, explore and build IoT projects! Check out the Wio Terminal on Seeed’s online store, and also its resource roundups and community collections below.

Moving into TinyML

In this section, you’ll find articles and guides related to TinyML. Tiny Machine Learning (TinyML) is a field of machine learning that focuses on the development and deployment of ML models on low power, low-footprint microcontroller devices like Arduino.

Head on here first to learn everything you need to know about TinyML to give you a headstart. This beginners guide will teach you about the fundamentals of TinyML, and also recommend courses and projects to expand your knowledge.

Learn TinyML using Wio Terminal Series

For a visual learning experience, one of Seeed’s makers, Dmitry Maslov has a video series on Youtube covering different TinyML projects with the aforementioned Wio Terminal. Detailed explanation with demonstration is provided for you to fully understand how everything works!

Other TinyML Information

Arduino Projects and Hardware Recommendations

In this last section, you’ll find articles with different Arduino projects and hardware recommendations. Having inspiration for your next project can be difficult, and these guides will give you a glimpse of the different projects other Arduino users are making! The plethora of Arduino hardware accessories available also makes it difficult to choose. These guides contain the most popular accessories available in the market for you to find your next Arduino hardware.

Arduino Projects

Arduino Hardware Recommendations

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