Interesting Arduino Robotics Project ideas to explore in 2021!

The term robotics may sound cool and new, but in general, it refers to robots or machines that consists of mechanical parts. Though the robotics technology is still developing, you can still spot many usages in different industries! Therefore, in this article, we will be exploring the different robotics projects you can try out for yourself!

Interesting Robotics Project ideas to explore in 2021!

If you’d like to learn more about robotics and its industry, do scroll down to the bottom and check out the links to find out more before you check out this article. But with that said, let’s jump right into the projects!

Stringent, the $15 Wall Plotter

Ref: Arduino Project Hub

If building a minimalistic plotter machine to create artworks fascinates you, this project is definitely the one you need to try! This project not only requires minimal materials, but it is also probably the cheapest possible wall plotter you can create!

What you’ll need:

  • Arduino UNO Rev3 // Seeeduino V4.2
  • 2x 28BYJ-48 Stepper Motor with Driver
  • TSOP 4838 IR-Receiver
  • SPI Reader Micro SD Memory Card Reader
  • SG90 Micro-servo motor
  • 3D printer
  • Soldering iron

Sounds exciting? Do check out this project for more details!

Twitching Eyeball Pumpkin

Ref: learnrobotics

Though we’re no longer in the spooky season, you can definitely build this to prank your friends and family! This twitching eyeball pumpkin will definitely be “eye-catching” (pun intended) and attract everyone’s eyeballs!

What you’ll need:

  • funkin, a foam synthetic pumpkin
  • plastic eyeballs
  • twelve 9g servos
  • wooden dowels
  • paper clips
  • 1 inch pvc pipe couplings
  • Arduino UNO Rev3 // Seeeduino V4.2
  • batteries and batteries holder

Sounds spooky enough to intrigue you? Check out this project now!

Barbot: Cocktail Mixing Robot

Ref: Arduino Project Hub

Thinking of hosting a cocktail party to impress your friends? The Barbot is designed to hold 9 bottles of ingredients and it’ll accurately dispense the right amount to create your perfect cocktail mix!

What you’ll need:

  • Arduino Mega 2560 // Seeeduino Mega
  • NEMA 17 stepper motor
  • Pololu A4988 stepper driver
  • Hitec HS-7955TG servo motor
  • Pololu Micro Maestro 6-Channel Servo Controller
  • HC-05 Bluetooth Module
  • GT2 6mm wide timing belt
  • GT2 timing pulley 20 teeth 5mm bore
  • Timing belt bearing
  • 2x Chrome plated round rail 1200mm x 12mm
  • 4x SK12 12mm bore linear rail shaft support
  • 4x SC12UU aluminium pillow block housing
  • 9x 20ml Beaumont Metrix SL spirit measure
  • 3x Wall 3 bottle rack
  • Endstop microswitch
  • Cable carrier
  • DC-DC converter (12v to 5V)
  • AC power supply 12V (6.67A)

Interested? Check out this project and build your very own cocktail mixing robot now!

M5Stack Christmas Santa detector

Ref: Hackster

Missed your Santa Claus this year? No worries as this project will let you know when your Santa Claus has come to visit next year, it’ll alert you by ringing the bells attached to this robot! You’ll never miss your Santa Claus ever again.

What you’ll need:

  • ESP32 IoT Development Kit
  • DC Motor and Servo Driver Module (STM32F0)
  • PIR Motion Sensor (AS312) // Grove – Digital PIR Motion Sensor
  • Servo Kit 360° LEGO-compatible
  • Beard Ornaments

Sounds fun? Check out this project and try it at your next Christmas!

Solar Panel Sun Tracker – Phone Charger

Ref: Arduino Project Hub

Always wanted to try charging your devices with clean renewable energy? This project allows you to build a sun tracking solar array that uses the sun as a resource and allow you to charge just about anything with the power of the sun!

What you’ll need:

  • Arduino UNO Rev3 // Seeeduino V4.2
  • Servos (Tower Pro MG996R)
  • Photoresistor
  • Resistor 10k ohm
  • 2.5V to 5V boost converter – USB Adapted
  • Solar Panel – Hobby Size (keep it small and light)

If green energy is your thing, be sure to check out this project!

Robot Arm with Controller

Ref: Hackster

Thinking of controlling a robot arm with a controller that allows you to make use in a ton of projects? This robot arm would allow you to build many projects once you’ve got the hang of controlling it!

What you’ll need:

Sounds like what you’ll need? Check out this project and learn how to build one!

Farmaid: Plant Disease Detection Robot

Ref: Arduino Project Hub

If you’re into farming and have been looking to build a robot that could help you detect and mark diseased crops without damaging the farm environment, this is the project for you!

What you’ll need:

Interested? Check out this project for more details on how to build it!

Maze Solver Robot, using Artificial Intelligence

Are you sick of ordinary robots? If you are, this maze solver robot will definitely entertain you! This robot is capable of solving any maze in the shortest time possible and how it does this is through the use of AI. By giving it a degree of intelligence, it is able to solve the maze without any mistake.

What you’ll need:

  • Arduino Nano R3 // Seeeduino Nano
  • HC-06 Bluetooth Module
  • TCRT5000 4CH Infrared Line Track Follower Sensor Module
  • 2x SparkFun RedBot Sensor – Line Follower
  • ZX03 (based on TCRT5000) Reflective Infrared Sensors (Analog output)
  • Android Device
  • 2x RobotGeek Continuous Rotation Servo
  • 2x 4xAA battery holder

Sounds like a robot up your alley? Check out this project now!

Valentine’s Sunflower

Ref: Arduino Project Hub

Valentine’s day is coming up as we enter the new year, this simple 3D printed flower will definitely be a cute gift for your partner! This flower will react to light which would cause it to open and close, a project that is simple enough for beginners to make!

What you’ll need:

Sounds pretty simple? Try this project out during Valentine’s day!

Underwater Drone

An underwater drone? Sounds crazy but it actually works! This project is perfect for you if you’re interested in trying out crazy ideas and is experienced with handling electronics since this project is more suitable for veterans.

What you’ll need:

Want to challenge yourself? Try this project out for yourself!

Self-Playing Melodica 

Ref: Arduino Project Hub

Want to build a self-playing Melodia? This project shows you how you can actually reuse your old printers’ DC motor along with a few basic components!

What you’ll need:

  • Arduino Nano R3 // Seeeduino Nano
  • 2x Resistor 1k ohm
  • 2x Dual H-Bridge motor drivers L298
  • 2x Pushbutton Switch, Momentary
  • Digilent 60W PCIe 12V 5A Power Supply
  • Voltage regulator, step-down, 12V in, 3.6V out
  • Bistable electrovalve (solenoid)
  • DC Motor, 12 V (You can always buy a DC motor if you don’t have an old printer Dc motor!)

Sounds like music to your ears? Check out this project and give it a try now!


Not a fan of projects that are too time-consuming? Build your mousebot in just 6 steps! This project is perfect if you’re a beginner and don’t want to spend too much money on the materials as well.

What you’ll need:

  • battery holder
  • CD
  • wires
  • 2x batteries
  • 2x switches
  • 2x motors
  • power switch

Sounds simple? Check out the project for more details!

PEZ Robo Dispenser Using Arduino

Get nostalgic as you build your PEZ Robo dispenser! Surely this candy is a childhood memory for many, now you can have an excuse to buy those sugary pellets again (It’s for a project anyway).

What you’ll need:

Can’t wait to try out (eat) this project? Check it out now!

Bluetooth Nerf Turret

Ref: Arduino Project Hub

Ready to blast everyone in your way? This project can not only be used for games, but you also can key yourself safe from potential enemies (not true oops)! Simply a fun project that doesn’t require much to understand!

What you’ll need:

  • Arduino Nano R3 // Seeeduino Nano
  • HC-05 Bluetooth module
  • 3x MG-90s servos
  • LM2596 buck converter
  • 2x type 130 dc motors
  • FR207 rectifier diode
  • RFP30N06LE mosfet
  • 2.1×5.5mm jack plug
  • resistors 10kΩ
  • resistors 330Ω
  • resistors 680Ω
  • 30x M2x10 self taping screws
  • 4x M5*20 countersunk screw
  • 15x dupont connectors
  • 1.5mm metal rod
  • wires
  • heatshrink tubing
  • 20mm rubber band
  • 9V power supply (2.5 amps minimum)
  • 3D printer
  • soldering iron

Sounds fun? Check out this project for more details!


And that’s all for our Robotics project ideas! Hope that you have found one that suits your taste, if not, feel free to check out the other articles down below. There are a ton of other projects for you to choose from!

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