40 Awesome Arduino Projects That You Must Try 2023!

Just got your Arduino but don’t know what to do with it? No worries as today, we have compiled 40 cool Arduino projects to get you started! These 40 projects are carefully handpicked and are some of my personal favorites!

Have no idea what’s an Arduino? You can check out our guide on What is Arduino for an introduction on the Arduino!

Easiest Way to get started with Arduino Projects!

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Without further ado, let us jump right into the 40 Best Arduino projects 2023!

Stay tuned till the end as I will show you a selection guide on how to choose the right Arduino board for your next project!

40 Awesome Arduino UNO Projects That You Must Try 2023!

1. Farmaid: Plant Disease Detection Robot

In this Arduino Project, the author is inspired by the work of Plantvillage.psu.edu and iita.org, we want to use the DonkeyCar platform to build an autonomous robot that can move around a farm environment without damaging existing plants or soil, and use objects Detection to find and mark diseased crops with eco-friendly colors.

What do you need?

For more details on the project check here.

2. Arduino clock with Islamic prayer times

This is a real time clock capable of displaying Gregorian dates and daily prayer times. For this simple circuit we need to use an Arduino UNO (or any Arduino board), RTC DS1307 and NOKIA 5110 LCD. This will be a practical, simple arduino project

What do you need?

For more details on the project check here.

3. Intelligent Door Lock

Security and accessibility are major concerns in today’s world. We are always trying to keep our house safe and at the same time we want to make our home devices easily accessible even from remote locations. In this arduino project will teach you how does Arduino UNO to turn into a door lock using Raspberry Pi camera

What do you need

4. Arduino Nano BLE 33 Sense Game Controller

PRABEEN made this game controller by using Arduino Nano BLE 33 Sense which has an onboard proximity sensor. As you can see is a fun and easy Arduino project!

what do you need?

  • Arduino Nano BLE 33 Sense / XIAO BLE Sense
  • USB Cable Assembly, USB Type A Plug to Micro USB Type B Plug

For more details on the project check here.

5. Arduino Radar

It detects stationary and moving objects using ultrasonic sensor and Arduino. And this is a easy arduino proejct for begnnier!

What do you need?

For more details on the project check here.

6. Classify Candy in Free Fall Using TinyML

What do you need?

For more details on the project check here.

7. Arduino Weather Station

A powerful arduino weather station can help you water plants and lawns more efficiently. Use the daily report to decide if you can skip a day’s irrigation. Smart Weather will even automatically communicate with connected irrigation systems. In this cool arduino project you can learn how to use arduino uno to link other sensors to monitor the temperature and humidity of your garden.

What do you need?

For more details on the project check here.

8. Arduino 3D Axonometric Projection

3D projection is any method of mapping three-dimensional points to a two-dimensional plane. As most current methods for displaying graphical data are based on planar two-dimensional media, the use of this type of projection is widespread, especially in computer graphics and engineering. And this project Arduino is a little bit hard but it still a fun arduino project

What do you need?

For more details on the project check here.

9. Making Famous Magic Wand 33x Faster

Do you want to be a wizard once? This project will demonstrate how to turn the stick in your hand into a magic wand using a small PCB borad. And this is a real fun arduino project!

What do you need?

For more details on the project check here.

10. Arduino Distance sensor and OLED

In this blog, you In this blog, you can use Arduino UNO and an Ultrasonic Sensor to detect the distance of objects and use a Graphic OLED to display the distance and this project is a perfect fit for Arduino for beginner.

What do you need?

For more details on the project check here.

11. DIY a Programmable Acrylic Monitor Stand

This project introduces a programmable acrylic monitor stand to raise the height of the monitor to ensure you maintain a proper and correct sitting position.

This monitor stand has the following features:
– Inside the Arduino, you can add some sensors or actuators
– Made with acrylic
– Elevate the monitor to protect your cervical spine
– Count the time you spend sitting in front of the monitor
– Ultrasound detects if someone is sitting in front of the monitor

What do you need?

For more details on the project check here.

12. Lucky Money Counting Box for Chinese New Year

During the Spring Festival, a traditional Chinese festival, we recovered a special gift – a red envelope. People will put in the lucky money, which is to help the elder’s transfer wealth to the children. They can also give between bosses and employees, colleagues and friends.
This project uses Arduino Uno Rev3 and Grove Base Shield V2.0 to make this Lucky Money Counting Box for those who want to count their red packets. With the IR distance sensor, you can use this box to easily calculate other things if you want.

What do you need?

Interested? Check the full details here.

13. How to make Smart Dustbin with Arduino

Ref: LifeHacker

This trash can is really smart, it’s just smart and wonderful at handling trash! This sensor-based bin allows you to “open” your bin without actually touching the lid. This is perfect if your hands are full or just don’t want to touch the dirty lid of the trash can.

An Arduino-based project using an ultrasonic sensor is explained very simple step by step, with links to the code and parts used, and the creator responds to queries.

What do you need?

Interested? Check the full details here.

14. IoT Weather Data Logger Using Blues Wireless& Qubitro

Want to build your own IoT-based weather data logger?

Through this project you will walk through creating an IoT-based weather data logger using Blues Wireless hardware modules; no SD card, Wi-Fi, or BLE is required. Just connect your Blues Notecard and Notecarrier to the controller to track your weather data.

What do you need?

Interested? Check the full details here.

15. Arduino Robotic Arm Controlled by Touch Interface

How to build a robotic arm with Arduino and a graphical touch interface? With the help of the graphical interface, it is not only possible to move the individual joints in all possible directions, but also to program the movements to be performed repeatedly.

For this you need:

  • Arduino Uno
  • HC05 Bluetooth module
  • One SG90 Servo Motor (I got the one with metal gears)
  • 5x MG996R Servomotors (more powerful than SG90)

16. DIY Fitness Tracker(GET-FIT) based on Arduino

Introducing GetFit, your ultimate health and workout buddy! The authors made GetFit, an easy-to-use, teachable fitness tracker capable of detecting a wide variety of workouts. Powered by Arduino Nano 33 BLE Sense and Edge Impulse, it is a fully open source project.

What do you need?

If you are interested, you can find the full tutorial by CodersCafeTech.

17. Arduino VGA Console With Five Games

See how to build your own simple console that can play Pong, Breakout, Bomber, Tetris and drawing toys inspired by Etch-a-Sketch.

The main function of this console is to generate VGA signals. The only components are two potentiometers, five buttons, a few resistors, and a (VGA) connector. Piezo speakers are optional. You can see what these games look like in the pictures on this page.

For this you need:

  • Arduino Uno Rev. 3
  • DSUB15 Connector
  • linear potentiometers
  • five buttons
  • some piece of cable
  • one or two nice boxes to put all the components.

18. Motion Following Motorized Camera Base

Have you considered that the camera can monitor the room in all directions? This project creates a motion detection/tracking base. You can attach a camera to it so it automatically repositions itself wherever it detects motion.

What do you need?

19. DIY Color Sensor based on Arduino

Are you also facing difficulties when wanting to use Arduino for color detection for classification or other applications? This project takes advantage of the fundamental properties of semiconductors to create an Arduino-based, DIY, low-cost color sensor using components you probably already have.

What do you need?

20. Arduino Robotic Bartender – 3D Printable & Bluetooth

Home robot bartender? Sounds great. This project uses an Arduino Uno to build yourself a low-cost and easy-to-assemble Bluetooth-controlled robotic bartender. This simple Arduino-based project can be 3D printed and is a cool Arduino project for beginners.

What do you need?

  • Arduino UNO
  • Motor driver
  • Contact Switch
  • Stepper Motor
  • HM10 Bluetooth Module

If you are interested, you can find the full tutorial by DIY Machines.

21. Arduino Music Instrument

Ref: LanmiLab

Want to use gesture control and handwaves to control your Arduino UNO R3? With this Arduino project, you can make that come true! Through this project, you will be using a board called Flick which is a PCB that is able to detect your gestures from up to 15cm away in 3D space. Draw a circle, swipe your hand – Flick will track it.

With Flick, the possibilities are endless! You can now control your computer, TV, music system, and many more with a Flick of the Wrist! In this Arduino UNO R3 project, we will be using Flick with the Arduino UNO to create a musical instrument!

What do you need? (Other than Arduino UNO)

Interested? You can check out the full tutorial by LanmiLabs on Arduino Project Hub!

22. Arduino UNO Fingerprint Door Lock

Ref: 卢伟聪

Always losing your keys but do not wish to install a fingerprint door lock due to its high price? What if I told you that you can build your own fingerprint security door lock for only $70! With this project, you do not need to worry about losing your keys anymore as this door opens at the tap of your fingerprints.

What do you need? (Other than Arduino UNO)

If you are interested, you can find the full tutorial by loovee at Seeed Project Hub!

23. Arduino Robot Car

Ref: Black keyhole

Obstacle Avoiding Robot is an intelligent device that can automatically sense the obstacle in front of it and avoid them by turning itself in another direction. This design allows the robot to navigate in an unknown environment by avoiding collisions, which is a primary requirement for any autonomous mobile robot. The application of obstacle avoiding robots is not limited and it is used in many military organizations which helps carry out many risky jobs that cannot be completed by any soldiers.

What do you need? (Other than Arduino UNO)

Interested? You can find the full Arduino project with code on PROJECT HUB!

24. DIY Arduino Handheld Game Console!

Ref: the Technowright

Smartphone & iPad gaming is great and nothing can beat the charm of making your own game console and playing with it. In this video, you will learn to make an Arduino handheld GameBoy game console. It uses an Arduino micro and OLED display to make a tiny gaming console, even smaller than the GameBoy pocket. This is an arduboy compatible system which is an 8 bit, credit card-sized gaming platform, that makes open source games easy to learn, share and play. You can play games made by others or you can also design your own games for it.

What do you need?

25. UNO Home Automation

This tutorial,demonstrates how to setup a simple DIY home automation using an Arduino, which will save you a lot of money. The whole setup takes less than 15 minutes to configure and will cost you less than $30. Moreover, the incremental cost of adding more electrical appliance comes down to only about $1.50 per device.

What do you need? (Other than Arduino UNO)

Interested? You can find the full tutorial on predictabledesigns!

26. Arduino UNO Car/ Truck Simulator

Inspired by Silas Parker

Do you know there is a technology called CAN (Controller Area Network) can be used to allow microcontrollers and devices like the Arduino to communicate with each other within a vehicle without a host computer that allows for control and data acquisition? Want to find out more? You can check out our guide for an Introduction to CAN-BUS and How to use it with Arduino!

Through this project, we are going to make use of CAN technology and create a car/truck simulator with a real dashboard on your PC with the UNO and a CAN-BUS Shield!

What do you need? (Other than Arduino UNO)

Interested? You can check out the full tutorial at SeeedStudio Community!

27. UNO Universal Remote Control

Do you have multiple remote controls lying around? Want to get rid of them and replace them with just one universal remote? With this project, you can!

Through this project, you will convert an ordinary Keyes infra-red (IR) remote into a programmable universal remote.

What do you need? (Other than Arduino UNO)

Interested in finding out more? You can check out the full tutorial by ScottC on Hackster.io!

28. Laser Tripwire Alarm Security System

Ref: SurtrTech

Security systems are often expensive to set up and also expensive to maintain. Why not create yourself with an Arduino together with a few other modules for less than $30!

Through this project, you will create a laser tripwire alarm system where once the laser beams are cut, the alarm will go off and will not stop until a button is pressed. In addition, you can also set up a passcode to make it even more secure where it now requires a passcode entered into it to stop the alarm.

What do you need? (Other than Arduino UNO)

Interested? You can check out the full tutorial by SurtrTech on Hackster.io!

29. Arduino Weather Station with Nextion Display

Ref: Educ8s

With a Nextion Display, you can build your own weather information system where you can tell the temperature and humidity of the weather easily! If you do not know what is a Nextion display, you can check out our guide on Introduction to Human Machine Interface With Nextion.

With an easy to use the software, you can also easily add more functions and features to your display!

What do you need? (Other than Arduino UNO)

Interested? You can find the full tutorial by educ8s on Instructables!

30. OLED RTC Clock

Do not want to buy a new clock? Why not build one with the addition of an RTC (Real Time Clock) module to easily make yourself an OLED digital clock with the UNO to show the date, time and day!

Curious about why you need a separate module to keep track of the time when your Arduino already has a built-in timekeeper? Find out the answer in our guide on RTC!

What do you need? (Other than Arduino UNO)

Interested? You can find the full tutorial on Simple Projects!

31. HX711 and Load Cell Arduino Punching Bag

Ever wonder how much power is in that punch of yours? Why not try making a punching bag with a force gauge to measure the amount of force of your punch in newtons! Through this project, you will learn how to measure your fist power using a load cell and HX711 together with the Arduino.

What do you need? (Other than Arduino UNO)

Interested? You can find the full tutorial by Electropeak on Arduino Project Hub!

32. DIY Arduino RC Hovercraft

Want to step up your robot car game? Why not build a floating Hovercraft that can be controlled using a remote control!

Find out the science of how a hovercraft is able to be lifted in the air and many more through this project!

What do you need? (Other than Arduino UNO)

Interested? You can find the full tutorial with complete instructions from 3D printing, circuit diagram to codes on HowToMechatronics.

33. Arduino Ping Pong Game

Related image

Remember this popular retro Ping Pong game? Well, you can build and control it easily with the UNO and a few common components.

What do you need? (Other than Arduino UNO)

Interested? You can check out the full tutorial on Electronicsforu!

34. Wristwatch Walkie-Talkie

Ref: Ric2011A

Want to communicate with your friends in a fun and cool manner? Why not try out this wearable walkie-talkie inspired by the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers!

What do you need? (Other than 2 Arduino UNO)

Interested? You can find the full tutorial for this project by ohoilett on Instructables!

35. Arduino RFID Door Lock

There are many ways to make your traditional door lock go smart from fingerprint, passcode, etc. and also this RFID door lock!

How it works is that if a tag/card is near the scanner, the door will automatically open and after you close it, it will automatically lock. A convenient way! No more fumbling with keys anymore, just tap your card and your door is now opened. Not to mention, its cheap to build as well!

What do you need? (Other than Arduino UNO)

Interested? You can find the full tutorial for this RFID project on Howtomechatronics!

36. Automated Plant Watering System

Set It and Forget It!
Ref: rbates4

Are you tired of your plants dying and want something to babysit your plants? Going somewhere and unable to take care of your precious plants?

If your answers are yes, this Arduino project will be just for you! With this automated watering system, it will automatically deliver an adjustable volume of water of up to 4 plants every day or once every “x” day whichever you specify (up to seven days). It even comes with artificial sunlight for your plants to grow healthily.

What do you need? (Other than Arduino UNO)

Interested? You can find the full tutorial by rbates4 on Instructables!

37. Raspberry Pi Arduino Intelligent Tea Sensor

Do you ever find yourself opening up a teabag/coffee container with no tea or coffee beans? This is one of the saddest moments that one could experience so we’ve got a solution to solve it! With this project, we will be building an intelligent tea bag container sensor to estimate the number of tea bags left which will inform us if we start to run out.

What do you need? (Other than Arduino UNO)

Interested? You can find the full tutorial on All About Circuits!

38. Lightweight Arduino GSM Mobile Phone

Feel like your mobile phone is too heavy for your liking or too costly? Why not try making one yourself that is lightweight and capable of national and international features!

This Arduino mobile phone is able to make calls, receive calls and also send and receive SMS as well. It uses a GSM module to connect to the mobile network and Nextion display to visualize GUI interfaces.

What do you need? (Other than Arduino UNO)

Interested? You can find the full tutorial by Avishek at Hackster.io!

39. DIY Low-Cost Air Hockey Table

Ref: Technovation Projects

As a professional air hockey setup is usually only available in arcades due to its sophisticated system, it is hard to actually enjoy the gaming experience in the comfort of your own home.

But what if I told you, you can build it yourself easily and at a low cost too! This project is customized and easily scalable where if you want your air hockey table to be of a bigger size, you can!

What do you need? (Other than Arduino UNO)

Interested? You can find the full tutorial for this project done by Technovation at Instructables!

40. Automated Cocktail Drink Machine

To end it off, we have a cocktail drink machine! This automated cocktail machine is not your everyday alcohol dispensing machine. It consists of 4 different stations to make sure your cocktail tastes as good as what you get in the bar. The stations are:

  • Automated Mint, Sugar, and Lime Muddle for releasing all the flavours
  • Automated Lime Slicer and Dispenser
  • Automated Mint and Sugar Dispenser
  • Automated Liquid Dispenser

With this project, it will definitely satisfy all your alcohol needs 🙂

What do you need? (Other than Arduino UNO)

Interested? You can find the full tutorial for this project done by CamdenS5 on Instructables!

Smallest and powerful Arduino compatible board recommends you

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is image-111.png

Seeeduino XIAO – Arduino Microcontroller – SAMD21 Cortex M0+ with Free Course

Reasons to strongly recommend Seeeduino XIAO:

  • Powerful performance
  • Super cost-effective
  • Ultra-small size
  • Stable supply
  • Perfect for mini Arduino projects
  • Rich and complete tutorial

With a smaller footprint and faster speed compared to most Arduino boards here, the Seeeduino XIAO is perfect to integrate into almost any project from wearables to small robots.

Standing at only 23.5 x 17.5mm, this board is as small as your thumb. The Seeeduino XIAO is the smallest Arduino compatible board in Seeeduino Family. It is an Arduino microcontroller that is embedded with the SAMD21 microchip with rich interfaces as well allowing it to be capable of being a tiny Dev. Board as well.

Specification of Seeeduino XIAO

CPUARM Cortex-M0+ CPU(SAMD21G18) running at up to 48MHz
Flash Memory256KB
Digital I/O Pins11
Analog I/O Pins11
I2C interface1
SPI interface1
QTouch7 (A0,A1,A6,A7,A8,A9,A10)
UART interface1
Power supply and downloading interfaceType-C
Operating Voltage 3.3V

It can be applied to the following scenarios and more:

  • Wearable devices
  • Rapid prototyping (directly attached to the expanded PCB as a minimal system)
  • Perfect for all the projects that need a mini Arduino
  • DIY keyboard
  • USB development (USB to multi-channel TTL/USB host mode, etc.)
  • In a scenario where you need to read multiple mock values The DAC output

Seeeduino XIAO Family

Seeed XIAO RP2040

XIAO RP2040 is a microcontroller using the Raspberry Pi RP2040 chip. The MCU runs at up to 133MHz. It is built with rich interfaces in a tiny thumb size and fully supports Arduino, MicroPython, and CircuitPython.

The onboard interfaces are enough for developing multiple applications. And it has no components on the back, is breadboard-friendly, and SMD design, making it easy to use for projects.

Seeed XIAO BLE & BLE Sense

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is 企业微信截图_1650440746214-300x275.png

As the first wireless product in the Seeed XIAO family, Seeed XIAO BLE & BLE Sense has equipped a powerful Nordic nRF52840 MCU which is designed in a Bluetooth 5.0 module, built around a 32-bit ARM® Cortex™-M4 CPU with Floating-Point Unit(FPU) operating at 64Mhz.

With the capability of wireless connection, they still remain the Seeed XIAO series classic form-factor of small and exquisite which can be used for wearable devices and Internet of Things projects.

Looking forward to your awesome Arduino Projects using Seeeduino XIAO Series products!


Those are just some Arduino projects to get your brain juices flowing and get started on the Arduino.

If these projects aren’t what you are looking for, you can check out Seeed Project Hub, Hackster.io, Instructables or Arduino Project Hub which features over 200+ Arduino projects with source codes, schematics and also DIY instructions!

Here at Seeed, we also offer various Arduino boards like the Nano, MKR1000, Mega, Micro, Pro Mini and many more! Not to mention, we also have our own line of compatible boards called Seeeduino that is very cost-effective.

Looking for Arduino Shields or modules and sensors? We have them too!

Arduino Boards Selection Guide

There are many different Arduino boards that are available, but how do we choose? Here is a cumulative table with all the different Arduino boards available and their various specifications for you! Keen to learn more? Check out “Arduino Boards Selection Guide”!

ProcessorOperating VoltageClock Speed Digital I/O PWM Analog Inputs UART

Grove Flash(KB)USB
Arduino Uno ATmgea3285V 16 MHZ 14661032Micro USB
Arduino Mega 2560 R3 ATmega25605V16 MHZ 54151640256Type-B USB
Arduino Nano ATmgea3285V 16 MHZ 14681032Mini USB
Arduino Micro ATmega32u45V16 MHZ 207122032Micro USB
Arduino YUN ATmega32u45V16 MHZ 207122032Micro USB
Arduino MKR1000 wifi ATSAMW25 SoC5V48 MHZ812710256Micro USB
Seeeduino Mega ATmega25605V/3.3V16MHz70141640256Micro USB
Seeeduino Lite ATmega32u45V/3.3V16MHz207121232Micro USB
Seeeduino GPRS ATmega32u45V/3.3V16MHz207121032Micro USB
Seeeduino Cloud ATmega32u45V/3.3V16MHz207121232Micro USB
Seeeduino V4.2 Atmega3285V/3.3V16MHz14661332Micro USB
Seeeduino Stalker V3.1 Atmega328P5V/3.3V 8MHz14061232Mini USB
Seeeduino LoRaWAN ATSAMD21G18 5V/3.3V48MHz 2020624256Micro USB
Seeeduino LoRaWAN W/GPS ATSAMD21G183.3V48MHz 2020614256Micro USB
Seeeduino Lotus V1.1 Atmega328P5V 16MHz 1467 (0-5, ADC)21232Micro USB
Seeeduino Lotus Cortex-M0+ SAMD213.3V 48MHz 14106112256Micro USB
Seeeduino Cortex-M0+ SAMD215V 48MHz 1410613256Type-C
Seeeduino Nano Atmega328P5V 16MHz 14681132Type-C
Seeeduino Crypto ATmega48095V16MHz 14561348Type-C
Seeeduino XIAO SAMD21G183.3V48MHz11101110256Type-C
NodeMCU v2 32-bit RISC Tensilica Xtensa LX106 3.3V80MHz1611204Micro USB
TI MSP430 USB LaunchPad  MSP430F55293V25MHz8141620128Micro USB
Particle Photon STM32F2055V120MHz18910101MBMicro USB
GeeekNET ESP32 Development Board Xtensa® Single-/Dual-core 32-bit LX6 microprocessor3.3V160MHz39162304MBMini USB
Wio Terminal ATSAMD51P19 5V120MHzvia Grovevia Grovevia Grove124Type- C


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