27 Arduino LED Projects you need to try! Including Special Section for Upcoming Halloween

LED projects are an excellent way for beginners to start and learn more about Arduino. You could start a project as simple as blinking a LED, the equivalent of “Hello World” in programming. Thanks to the rich documentation and libraries available in the community, you can take your LED projects to the next level and expand more possibilities in this field, such as artworks, clocks and lamps, and so on.

In this article, I will show you 27 Arduino LED projects you do not want to miss – ranging from practical and useful lighting to fun and wacky projects!

With Halloween around the corner, there is also a special section to showcase projects that can meet the atmosphere of Halloween.  You can grab some Arduino boards and LEDs and design some unique Halloween decorations or costumes. Without further ado, let us look at these interesting Halloween LED projects!

1. Light Up Halloween Pumpkin

Ref: Jithin Sanal

It is not Halloween without the infamous Jack-o’-lanterns! This project is simple and doesn’t require fancy tools or skills. It would be an excellent way to start your Arduino LED project journey as a beginner!

What you’ll need:

Start your very first Arduino and LED project this autumn and Halloween with this guide!

2. Smoking Pumpkin


All your neighbors are going to display generic carved or light-up pumpkins. Try something unique by adding a spooky element with smoking effects so that your pumpkin will differentiate your house and attract more trick-or-treaters!

What you’ll need:

Learn how to get a cool smoking effect pumpkin here from hackster!

3. LED Skeleton Head 

Ref: gperezb

Partner up your Jack-o’-lanterns with his best friend – a skull head! This project is also straightforward but uses sensors and motors to light up only when needed and allow the jaws to simulate a bite! 

What you’ll need:

Get your own skull here and learn from this guide on Instructables on how to scare guests!

4. Scary Pumpkin Candy Machine

Ref: Seeed

Everyone knows Halloween is all about candy! Do your own Halloween candy dispenser machine for trick-or-treaters and place it outside your doorstep! It has a motion sensor, so whenever someone approaches the pumpkin, it will light up, play music, and most importantly, spit out candies for them!

What you’ll need:

Make yours today from this guide!

5. Halloween Candy Machine Dispenser

Go one step further and be the coolest house every kid wants to visit during Halloween! Set up this insane candy machine where trick-or-treaters can pick from four different candies to their liking, as if they were in a store, instead of just grabbing it from a bag!

What you’ll need:

Learn how to make this complicated contraption for your house on hackster!

6. Sensor Activated Scare Prank

Prank your trick-or-treaters that dare to approach your place! It reacts to any movement in front of it and growls menacingly with flashing red eyes and thunder flashes.

What you’ll need:

Learn how to make yours today from hackster!

7. WhatsApp RFID Talking Doorbell

Startle your guests who do not have an entrance permit (RFID tag) and get notified with WhatsApp messages without checking who’s at the door.  This allows you to mingle with your guests instead of constantly opening the door for new guests. This doorbell can also interact with guests when they ring the doorbell, with pre-generated texts for each occasion. 

What you’ll need:

Interested in this complicated project? Learn how to do so here!

8. Vivid Flashing Minecraft Creeper Cosplay

Ref: wanniu

Dress up as your favorite Minecraft character, the Creeper, and scare everyone at the party! It has an exploding effect thanks to flashing LEDs, so go on chasing people down the street and ask for candies!

What you’ll need:

Learn how to scare people on Halloween here!

9. Halloween Shield Necklace

Everyone is dressing up in different Halloween costumes; why not pair them with cool gadgets like a shield necklace? You can customize whatever you want to put up on the 8×8 LED display, you can put your favorite characters on it or their famous logos!

What you’ll need:

Learn how to make your very own customizable necklace here!

10. Arduino LED Lightsaber

The Force is what gives a Jedi his power.” However, a battery is all it needs to give this Arduino LED lightsaber its power. If you’re a major Star Wars fan and feeling a little adventurous, this is for you! This elegant customizable lightsaber will give you an advantage over your most formidable foes… or at least allow you to have fun trick-or-treating this Halloween as a Jedi!

What you’ll need:

Check out this project now if you are ready to wield this mighty weapon.

11. Pac-Man LED Pixel Panel Costume

Ref: Ben Muller

Dress up as your favorite 8-bit arcade game character, Pac-Man! It is light and wearable as cardboard and translucent covers were used to make it. It will be the most unique costume on the street, and your kids won’t get lost as they are very bright and easy to find! 

What you’ll need:

Learn how to make yours here!

12. Fallout Doctor Cosplay

Ref: Cameron Coward

Win the coolest costume contest with a light-up Fallout doctor costume! It combines the plague doctor mask, gas mask, and Arduino LED strips for you to show everyone the post-apocalyptic future!

What you’ll need:

Learn how to make your own on hackster!

13. LED Mask Costume

Ref: HomeMadeGarbage

Last but not least, want to dress up as a cooler and better version of the Front Man from the hit Netflix Series Squid Game? Instill fear in your friends by having LEDs on your forehead. The mouthpiece also flashes red and glows in response to your voice!

What you’ll need:

Learn how to make your own mask here!

Now we will head to the non-Halloween Arduino LED projects that you can also try your hands on!

14. Environmental Sensor Tree

Ref: wzksam

This environmental tree is a great sample project for Grove accessories. It gives a detailed description of the surrounding environment. You can change to other Grove sensors and test them for your different needs!

What you’ll need:

Learn more about this huge project from this hackster guide!

15. LED Matrix Animated Display

This project is a multifaceted display that tells you the current time, date, temperature, and humidity! Now you won’t have to pull up different applications on your phone to find this crucial information.

What you’ll need:

If you’re in need of a new cool desk accessory, head on over here to find out more.

 16. Arduino LED Dice

An Arduino LED Dice is a simple, inexpensive, and fun project suitable for beginner learning Arduino. With a minimal amount of components, you will be able to make a very cool dice to play with your friends!

What you’ll need:

Find out more on Instructables.

17. Valentine’s Day Magical Bouquet

For next year’s Valentine’s Day, instead of the generic roses or flowers that die within a few days, try out this unconventional gift for your partner! This project shows you how you can 3D print flowers and present them with beautiful LEDs! The best thing? You only need a few components to recreate this project!

What you’ll need:

Sounds like the perfect gift for your partner? Check out this project before Valentine’s Day!

18. Baby High Chair Musical

Got a baby that is constantly full of energy and curious about everything? This project allows you to set up a game for your child and when they press a button the light of the same color, it turns on, and a sound is played! It helps to keep them entertained so you’ll have more time for yourself.

What you’ll need:

Does this sound like something your child would enjoy? Check out this project and start building now!

19. Arduino Indoor Garden

Ref: DIY GUY Chris

If you possess green fingers, you will know that gardening requires a lot of effort. However, if we add an Arduino into the equation, things get way easier! By adding some sensors, actuators, and a few simple lines of code, you’ll have yourself a fully automated indoor garden that is controllable via your Android device! The white LED significantly helps plant growth as it provides artificial lighting similar to natural sunlight, which you normally won’t be able to get in an indoor garden. 

What you’ll need:

Find out more on Instructables.

20. LED Matrix Info Display

Ref: ericBcreator

This is a 6-in-1 display that tells you the day of the week, month, year, time, temperature, and humidity! Encased in this beautiful wood case, this 32×8 LED display will look good on any tabletop. If you are looking for a fairly simple, practical, and fun project to work on, this is the one. You will definitely be pleased with the end results. 

What you’ll need:

Find out more on Hackster.

21. DIY Arduino 1D Pong Game

Ref: Mirko Pavleski

Looking to build a game for your family to enjoy? This project shows you how to build your 1-dimensional version of the classic game ‘Pong’ with LEDs! It is a 2-player game in which the ‘ball’ travels down the length of the LED strip and will bounce back if the button is pressed.

What you’ll need:

Enjoy DIY games? Check out this project and have fun with your family and friends!

22. Mood Lamp

Ref: How-ToDo

Set the mood of your room or home workspace with an Arduino Mood Lamp. Easily change the color of the lights to create an atmosphere that can enhance the atmosphere you want. For example, set blue colors lights to relax, yellow lights for a happy vibe, and green lights for a soothing effect. The lamp also features a fully customizable “smart” RGB diode that allows for more complicated effects.

What you’ll need:

Find out more on Instructables.

23. Dragon Fire LED Lamp

Ref: Matt Whiskey

Go one step further and try to do your very own dragon fire LED lamp to spruce up your living room.

What you’ll need:

24. LED EMOJI Display

Ref: Ravi Teja creative catchers !!

Do you have a favorite Emoji? Do you regularly use Emojis to display your mood while texting? Well, now you can do it in real life too, with the LED EMOJI Display!

What you’ll need:

Sounds like the kind of gimmick you’re into? Learn more from this guide!

25. Controlled Traffic Lights for Toy Cars

Ref: stemmayhem

Every child loves playing with toy cars. Toy cars are fun, but we can make them even better. A traffic light can be made using an Arduino and LEDs, which can make playing with toy cars even more fun. It is also a good and intuitive way to teach a child traffic rules.

What you’ll need:

Find out more here.

26. Gesture Control LED Game

Ref: Electro Point

Create a fun and interactive LED board game made using gesture sensors and LEDs, powered solely by Arduino boards.

What you’ll need:

If you want to try out this fun but complicated game, check out the tutorial here!

27. Music Reactive Multicolor LEDs

Ref: MertArduino

With the final project, control your LED colors by playing different music and spice up your parties! All made possible thanks to Arduino and sensors!

What you’ll need:

Try out this fun music LED project with the help of this hackster guide!


That comes to an end for our Arduino LED projects article. We hope you will be interested in trying out some of these projects for yourself, especially with Halloween. You can pick up some home decorations projects or costumes to go out and flaunt your new hobby! 

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