New product post: LR Development Kit

We want to introduce our new LoRa-E5 development kits so you can design your own LoRa and IoT devices.

In a previous New Product Post we introduced our LoRaWAN Sensors and Gateways. This time we will introduce our new LR development kits.

LR is a low power wide area network modulation technique for wireless communication.  On top of this wireless infrastructure sits the LoRaWAN network protocol. The open design of LoRaWAN together with the Long-range capabilities make LR Technology ideal for the Internet of Things (IoT) and in recent years it has become the de facto standard for wireless IoT equipment.  

The standard setup for LR Systems consists of (multiple) sensors connected to a LoRaWAN Gateway. This Gateway in turn can connect to the internet where it can be connected to a server and combined with applications.

To help you design your own products for the Internet of things we are happy to announce our Wio-E5 development kits. A while ago we released the Wio-E5, the worlds first combo of LR RF and MCU chip. It is a low cost, ultra-low power high performance LoRaWAN module that is smaller than most coins. Our new development kits make it easier for everybody to build prototypes with which support LR technology.

Grove Wio-E5 Dev Kit

The Grove Wio-E5 module comes with a Grove standard interface and an on-board antenna. The plug and play design makes it is easy to connect it to other grove modules. You can controll the kit through AT commands from the main board through an UART connection. This is the easiest way to equip your development board with LR wireless transmission function.

Wio-E5 Dev Kit

This development board is for rapid testing and prototyping. It’s GPIO can connect to different interfaces, including RS-485, Grove, Dupont male/female pin headers.
On the other end there are many periphereals that can be connected to the board including temperature sensors, battery holders, reserved SPI-flash bonding pads.

Wio-E5 mini Dev Kit

This is a smaller version of the development Kit. Like the Wio-E5 Dev kit it has a Full GPIO as well as a RESET and a BOOT button.
It’s compact size makes it ideal for building small-sized prototypes.

That’s all from us for now, and we are excited to see all the new LR devices that you will come up with.

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