Good News: Special Discounts Exclusively for Students and Educators Are Now Available!

Hey community,

If you’ve visited our store recently, you’ll have noticed that we’ve secretly updated our “Preparing back to school” limited time discount that offers an extra 10% off for 50pcs or 10pcs bulk purchases.

The aim of this offer is to look at future trends and select the best products and devices for educators and students to learn and improve their skills from the most popular device tools of the moment.

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What products are in the campaign?

Grove Beginner Kit for Arduino, micro: bit Series, Wio terminal, Grove Starter Kit for Raspberry Pi Pico, Bittle, Crazyflie2.1 and GameGo.

Perhaps not all of these sound familiar to you, so why them then?

  • Grove Beginner Kit for Arduino is one of the best tools for getting started with ardunio
  • Wio Terminal is a perfect tool to get started with IoT and Machine Learning on Embedded Devices(TinyML)
  • Grove Starter Kit for Raspberry Pi Pico Courses has four-chapter,16-hour course and 14 Grove modules to get started with Raspberry Pi Pico and learn MicroPython from Scratch,step by step,to build some interesting projects beyond imagination
  • GameGo is a programmable game console that supports game programming on MakeCode Arcade and bring retro game ideas to life

What do I get besides a great product price?

Not only are the products participating in this event available at a discounted price, but they also come with a beautifully presented curriculum and a number of community projects that will help you learn more with less.

Click here to jump to the event page as well.

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