Antennas Series Special Offer, FAQs on how to get and use the coupons.

To our lovely customers who purchased SenseCAP M1,

Here we bring you the special offer: Get one $20 antenna code to buy Fiberglass Antenna for each SenseCAP M1 hotspot. 

You will find this coupon code we prepared for you in your SenseCAP Dashboard Activity Tab. 

Please register/ log in SenseCAP Dashboard and add your hotspot to redeem the coupon. For more questions regarding these sales, please refer to our below FAQs:

SenseCAP Dashboard

Q1: What are the steps from redeeming the coupon to check out with the coupon?


  1. Add your gateway(s): Register or sign in to your account at SenseCAP Hotspot dashboard, add gateways that are not already in your dashboard.
  2. Apply CPUID and MAC address to redeem the coupon code.
  3. Apply for coupons: Click Get coupon code(s) on the ‘Activity’ tab on the left of your dashboard to receive the codes for your gateway(s).
    You can only obtain one antenna code for each SenseCAP M1 gateway.
  4. Order antenna(e): Go to the antenna product page, add it to your cart and bind the coupon codes at the checkout to apply them. Then place the order.
  5. All set! Enjoy higher gain and further coverage for your hotspots!

Q2: Where can I find CPUID and MAC addresses?

You will find the pic in the dashboard with CPUID and ETH MAC addresses

Q3: Can I use this coupon to purchase other products in Seeed?

A3: No, you can only apply the coupon for the products listed on the antenna sales page.

Q4: how many coupons I can use for each order?

A4: You can apply 7 maximally in one order. If you have more than 7 coupons, you can apply them to separate orders.

Q5: Can the coupon deduct the shipping fee?

A5: No, the coupon can only use for products except the shipping fee.

Q6: When can I redeem the coupon code?

A6: You can redeem the coupon code from Sep 8, 2021 to Oct 8th, 2021 23:59 (UTC+8).

Q7: How long time will the coupon code be valid?

A7: The coupon will be valid from Sep 8, 2021 to Oct 15th, 2021 23:59 (UTC+8).

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  1. I received this offer but I have not yet recevied my SenseCAP M1 LoRaWAN Indoor Gateway – US915 units and I see this offer will probably expire before my units arrive. Can I take advantage of this offer without the units in hand or can I still receive this discount via rain-check?

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