Seeed Studio Product Catalog 2023 Is Here (Available for Download)

And now, please meet the new “Seeed Studio Product Catalog 2023”: a comprehensive digital catalog for you to accurately discover, locate and explore the whole galaxy of Seeed products and services by far.

Updated on March 16, 2023

Hey community,

If you’d there at our Product Launch 2023, you’ve probably know that we have a new product catalog available now. It’s a super comprehensive product catalog where you can have everything you want to know about our product lineups.

In this catalog, you can explore:

  • Product details of specifications, features, and applications of our modules, devices, and solutions
  • Hardware services of customization and manufacturing that we offer to tailor your products
  • Integrated software platforms for easy hardware deployment
  • Successful cases of our solutions in various industrial settings
  • Ways to collaborate and co-invent with us based on your knowhow

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Hey community,

At Seeed, we have been serving the global developer community since 2008, by providing open technology, ready-to-deploy solutions, prototyping, and agile manufacturing services. With the vision to make technology accessible for all, we strived hard to lower the threshold for hardware innovation.

Since there is quite an amount of products being released at Seeed, we got a lot of inquiries about product recommendations based on their specific needs from the community. How to make the products easier, quicker, and more convenient for the community to power up their projects has been our strong focus. And now, let me introduce you to the new “Seeed Product Catalog”: a comprehensive digital catalog for you to accurately discover, locate and explore the whole galaxy of Seeed products and services by far.

So, this brand new catalog is designed to help you find the most suitable product at a glance, as well as to give you thorough product information (and lots of inspirations, for sure!). Our No.1 Goal is to make sure you can find everything you are looking for. We’ve classified all of Seeed’s products and services into 4 categories:

  • Industrial IoT Solutions
  • Education Solutions
  • Open Hardware Modules
  • Customization Services
As Seeed is a passionate IoT Hardware Provider, we want to design the Catalog into a useful guide for you to better understand what we can offer to help every one of you to scale up your projects or businesses. Previously, we only provided categories according to each product line on our official store, which was obviously not enough for the community to get the whole picture of Seeed products and services.

So, here’s the quick rundown of the Catalog Contents that you’ll be exploring soon:

With our new Catalog, you can find thousands of hardware listings from popular tags like Edge Computing & Private Cloud, AI & Robotics, LoRa, and all across our classic Grove product lines, SenseCAP, reThings (reServer, reComputer, reTerminal, reSpeaker), Seeeduino, and many more!

You can also explore and experience our professional customization services, including Fusion Prototyping, One-stop Customization, Agile Manufacturing, and Distribution Network Services to make, customize, produce, and even, distribute your products.

Please do make this Catalog yours, and you’ll be able to access the vast technical resources (wikis, software, tutorials), select the right products or services you need to gear up your projects, and scale-up businesses to unlock your unlimited innovations.

Notes at the end.

Although we do try to ensure that all the information in our Catalog is correct at the time of publishing, we apologize for any alteration to products of the range that may be made during its life. If you find any bugs or errors, please do let us know by commenting on this post. Thank you in advance.

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