Seeed Featured in the NHK Documentary “The Experimental City: Shenzhen”

Seeed has been featured in a 60-minute documentary “The Experimental City: Shenzhen” created by NHK Japan.

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Let’s call it a week by sharing a piece of exciting news that Seeed has been featured in a 60-minute documentary “The Experimental City: Shenzhen” created by NHK Japan.

In the documentary, Seeed has been featured as one of the three selected representative tech startups and companies with many clips of our office, factory, employee spotlights, and an interview with our Founder and CEO Eric Pan.

Seeed in “The Experimental City: Shenzhen”
If you would like to watch the full documentary, please visit here.

Here are some quotes from the documentary:

“Seeed emphasizes on building collaborative networks of innovators, which is defined as open innovation. For example, when a certain electronic circuit is developed, every technical detail is open-sourced and shared with engineers around the world. Then they can apply the open modules and parts to develop various products such as cameras and watches.”

“If we’re doing it the open source way, tens of thousands of developers share and apply the same technology to various applications. It is difficult for even a big company to solve all detailed issues and challenges in the real world, but if we have makers, developers, and experts from the industries work and collaborate together, it will be much efficient and flexible to find vertical solutions to tackle the challenges. ” 

“No matter for individuals, startups or for enterprises, innovation will be the most important approach to be sustainable for the future. We will keep actively interacting and collaborating with innovators around the world and we invite more innovators to come to Shenzhen where is a perfect place to start and scale up your business.”


About The Experimental City: Shenzhen

The Experimental City: Shenzhen is a special documentary created by NHK, the biggest public broadcaster in Japan. It is the 3rd episode of the series documentary “China in the New Era” that follows the torrent of Made in China, which has begun to dominate the world. Shenzhen is a pilot and innovative city of China, and it fosters numerous global companies. This episode features the entrepreneurs of Shenzhen and presents the”Chinese Innovation” that is nurtured under a unique economic system. Please click here to learn more details.

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