SenseCAP Barometric Sensor Detected The Hunga Tonga Eruption and Tsunami

The Hunga Tonga eruption and tsunami that happened on 15, January 2022 was the biggest volcano eruption of decades. The level of the eruption was up to VEI(Volcano Explosively Index) level 5 and the prediction of the eruption would end up at VEI6 level. Due to the readily rest of eruption activity, the level of this eruption may not able to reach the VEI6 level. However, the damage taken by this eruption was huge, no matter in economy or humanity speaking. 

The tephra will flow into the stratosphere which will seriously damage the modern airplane function by the turbine. The flight courses above the influence area will be suspended for months and it will cause tremendous loss for the airline company. 

Secondly, the tephra created by the eruption enters the stratosphere spread to other parts of the earth, and formed Haze clouds that will block sun radiation causing the temperature decreased about 0.2-0.3 degrees. Please do not be concerned this decrease in temperature is a minor problem, it will take half a century for the temperature to increase by 0.2-0.3 degrees. 

Lastly, according to the prediction, the eruption also damages a lot of agriculture. It will turn the climate to El Nino climate which is inappropriate climate change around certain areas. The extreme climate change done by El Nino will affect the productivity of crops. 

The eruption has caused barometric pressure changes all around the world on 15, Jan 2022, and the SenseCAP ONE Weather station and LoRaWAN barometric sensor deployed on our balcony both have captured the pressure changes from 101300Pa to more than 101500Pa and recorded the changes. The SenseCAP barometric sensor provides high accuracy of data capturing and uses 4G or LoRaWAN transmission methods to gather data and upload it into the SenseCAP Portal by using SenseCAP Outdoor Gateway and 4G Data Logger.

SenseCAP sensors series includes various kinds of sensors, such as, that are applicable in smart industry, smart agriculture, smart city, weather monitoring, etc. It provides industrial-grade sensing and a highly reliable data collection process with a unique algorithm to check the process. It will discard the data by running an algorithm to check whether is false data. 

We have the following sensor for you to monitor and help to build the people’s network:

  1. Light intentsity sensor
  2. Air temperature and humidity sensor
  3. Barometric sensor
  4. Co2 Sensor
  5. Soil temperature and humidity sensor
  6. Soil moisture and temperature &EC sensor

Please kindly note we have 4 versions of SenseCAP LoRaWAN sensors, US915 MHz, EU868 MHz, AU915 MHz, and AS923 MHz. Please make sure to choose the right frequency that works with your Helium gateways in your region.

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