#VoiceNeeded: Let us know your needs for custom design, products, and peripherals for NVIDIA Jetson Orin platform.

With leap forwarded AI performance, NVIDIA Jetson Orin platform is bringing developers and enterprise next-gen AI products across industries. Now you can pre-order Jetson AGX Orin Dev Kit at Seeed. Meanwhile, we’ve gotten inquiries asking about the following plans of Seeed’s carrier boards and peripherals for NVIDIA Jetson series. 

Of course, Orin compatible products line is in our plans! We also need to hear your voice! 

?Please fill in this form to let us know your carrier boards and peripherals needs for Jetson AGX Orin and Orin NX. 

During our product launch in March 2022, we also released reServer – Jetson AGX Orin with pre-built Triton Inference Server, 256 GB NVME SSD, Dual SATA III 6.0, high-speed 10 Gigabit Ethernet port, and ensure the device Chill 24/7 with Vapor Chamber heatsink. reServer Jetson AGX Orin is prepared for the most powerful and relaible local inference server for heavy ML workload and concurrent execution of multiple deep learning applications, bringing fast and scalable AI in production.

reServer: inference center for the edge, powered by Jetson AGX Orin / NX


What is the next you can look forward at Seeed?

  1. Stay tuned with our open-source story for Jetson Orin platform product line design! 
  2. Choose Seeed’s Agile Manufacturing 0-∞ service to bring your Jetson Orin-powered AI hardware to market! 
  3. If you are AI ISVs or solution integrators or interested in co-inventing with Seeed, welcome check out our Free Edge AI partner program! 

Custom NVIDIA Jetson Solutions for Orin with Seeed Fusion

What can Seeed offer as an official reseller for NVIDIA Jetson? Start design with us today! 

  • Design and Customization Capabilities with NVIDIA Jetson
  •  NVIDIA Jetson Carrier Boards made for free with Seeed Fusion Sponsorship
    • Receive up to $500 off Seeed Fusion PCBA when you have your NVIDIA Jetson carrier board manufactured with Seeed Fusion. Whether your company is looking for prototyping or a mass production partner, Seeed’s 14 years of in-house product development and manufacturing expertise can assist you.
  • OEM/ODM/EMS service for NVIDIA Jetson-based designs
    • Make the most of the powerful NVIDIA Jetson platform and bring your product concept to the market with Seeed’s industrial capabilities from design, manufacturing, testing, certification, distribution and sales.

Hardware Migration for Orin NX and AGX Orin is avalibale at NVIDIA download center!

Jetson AGX Orin and Jetson AGX Xavier are same form factor and largely pin compatible. Samely, Orin NX and Xavier NX are largely pin compatible. However, if you are designing carrier boards, you need to check out migration guide. 

You can download Jetson AGX Orin Series and Jetson AGX Xavier Series Interface Migration guide and figure out interface migration including:

  • USB 3.x, PCIe, UFS and MGBE Mapping Options
  • Multi-GigaBit Ethernet
  • HDMI and DisplayPort Mapping Options
  • Ethernet, CSI, SDIO and SD Card, Audio, I2C, SPI, UART, PWM and Connector Pin Difference Details
Jetson AGX Xavier Block Diagram, source: NVIDIA
Jetson AGX Orin Block Diagram, source: NVIDIA

You can download Jetson Orin NX Series and Jetson Xavier NX Series Interface Comparison & Migration guide and figure out interface migration including:

  • Mechanical Differences Interface 
  • USB 3.x Mapping Options
  • PCIe Mapping Options
  • Ethernet 
  • HMDI and DisplayPort Mapping Options
  • SDIO, SD Card, CSI, Audio, I2C, SPI, UART 

The following figures show the Jetson Orin NX series and Jetson Xavier NX series block diagrams. The interfaces or blocks that are supported only by one of the modules is highlighted in red. The interface types that are supported on both modules but where the number of lanes and instances, voltage level, or access is different are highlighted in magenta. 

Jetson Xavier NX Series Block Diagram, source: NVIDIA
Jetson Orin NX Series Block Diagram, source: NVIDIA 

Let us know your expectation for the next releases of the Jetson Orin platform, we will hear and take actions!

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