Seeed Studio Prime User Program: Become a Pioneer of Digital Transformation

Digital transformation has been on its way and literally changing the business strategies. With the potential of digital transformation fully understood, many people are seeking to use technology to add value to their life or businesses. 

Seeed Studio is a hardware innovator with a mission to become the most integrated platform for creating solutions for IoT, AI, and Edge Computing application scenarios. To accelerate digital transformation, we continue to research and develop smart devices, that integrate the latest software and hardware technologies.

Meanwhile, we are eager to empower developers and industry experts who know exactly where the pain points are. We hope to collaborate with those who are at the forefront of every industry and have a deeper understanding of people’s specific needs so that we can partner with them to provide more customized services to different verticals.

This prime user program can serve to connect us with developers or industry experts. We are looking forward to working hand in hand with you to provide tools and resources to help communities or businesses with last-mile challenges and accelerate your success.

What is Prime User Program?

Prime User Program is for incentivizing creators and early adopters of IoT/AI solutions in the real world. These pioneers are observant and have insights into the specific problems in their regions and industries. We will be glad to support them when they are seeking an integrated and sustainable solution to address those problems. 

What can I benefit from the Prime User Program?

  • Free and early product samples
  • Coupons on products and shipping
  • Prioritized supply
  • Dedicated technical support and services
  • A platform to promote and resell your technology

How can I become a Prime User?

We prefer Prime Users who: 

  • have the ability to solve real-life problems by using Seeed’s devices

At the current stage of our prime user program, we are focusing on projects based on our next generation of SenseCAP LoRaWAN sensors – S210x Series. We will be opening applications for other products soon. If you have other application scenarios that might need our device, have your voice heard and contact us directly at [email protected].

Special Note for Helium Network Contributors

Recently, Helium announced that gateways have been deployed more than 800K and covered all over the world. With LoRaWAN network coverage becoming more and more widespread, now it is time to leverage this decentralized global network to provide long-range connectivity to IoT devices.

Seeed is glad to provide our S210x series to help facilitate this process. SenseCAP S210x series can be used for a wide variety of applications, such as smart agriculture, smart buildings, and smart communities. And it includes the following products:

S2101: LoRaWAN Air Temperature and Humidity Sensor

S2102: LoRaWAN Light Intensity Sensor

S2103: LoRaWAN CO2, Temperature, and Humidity Sensor

S2104: LoRaWAN Soil Temperature and Moisture Sensor

S2105: LoRaWAN Soil Temperature, Moisture and EC Sensor

If there are any prime users from Helium community that can help explore more possibilities based on our S210x series and enable the community to better utilize the People’s network. Fill in the form and let’s know your ideas!.

Let’s solve real problems together, and improve people’s lives by increasing productivity while reducing costs. Looking forward to working with you soon.

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    1. Email us at [email protected] about the solutions you are building and how Seeed’s device can play a positive role in your solutions, you will give you instant feedback. We always welcome ideas that can help digitalize our lives or industries.

    2. thousands of talents, that a war calls for repentance in exchange for life pieces

    1. Hi, we always welcome solutions that benefit our lives or industries, please email us at [email protected], we will be glad to know more about your solutions and see how Seeed can help.

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