Calling for passion project ideas regarding Wio-E5 CAN Dev Kit: get your inspiration from the community!

Hey, community! We’re so excited to announce that the long-waited Wio-E5 CAN Development Kit is ready to ship! We have received tons of project ideas regarding this product since we launched the giveaway campaign in early June.  In this blog, a summary based on our community’s thoughts is provided to help you explore more possibilities and hopefully spark your creativity with the Wio-E5 CAN Dev kit!

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These project ideas center around a few aspects such as GPS tracking systems, 3D printers, Vehicle remote diagnosis, etc.

  • GPS tracking system gives you real-time insights into your vehicle – Monitors the live trips, saves the data for retrieval, and also protects it from theft.

chrisjeffreyuk: “This could be used for monitoring tractor positioning within agricultural environments alongside the new Seeed sensors.”

R0M: “Create a remote switch in the event that the vehicle is stolen.”

Juan3211: “A CAN-BUS reader system with GPS and auto-power down with accelerometer for vehicles to get all your car data: motor data, position, ignition, …. GREAT!!!”

???????: “Protect my motorcycle! I had 2 stupid drives hit my car and leave and it’s very annoying. At least I can protect the moto easier.”

  • Simplified the 3D printer wiring with CAN Bus – There is normally super complex wiring in the design of a 3D printer, when it is under working condition, all of the wires are moving at a high speed and the failure of one will bring more to come. But with CAN Bus, 4 wires can complete the whole moving interconnection, and the data transports in order. You can also use a Wio Terminal to interpret the CAN Bus signals and interact through the screen. 

Kethmil: “This module might also be used to supervise and control 3d printers for printing Buildings”

  • Vehicle remote diagnostics platform – Since the circuit board can receive 5-28V input, you can connect the circuit board to the OBD interface, get the data of the vehicle and send it out through Long Range.  You can also use an RFM95 transceiver to design wireless alarms and security systems. 

EmperorMidas: “I would use it to create a live remote diagnostics platform for your car – specifically, to monitor degradation that leads to increased pollution, and potentially adjust the tune to keep it cleaner. Additionally, as a safety feature, it could read airbag deployment status in an accident and report an accident via Long Range to emergency services or another safety monitoring service.”

Sadranyi: “My project seeks to bridge this gap. My solution seeks to use the Wio-E5 CAN Dev Kit as a base for building a seamless platform that allows for the CAN data collected from vehicles to be crossed in reference with manufacturers’ maintenance schedules, recalls, and other critical data with the servicing platforms of providers.”

Sounds interesting? Can’t wait to start making your own project? For someone who still doesn’t have a better understanding of this product, Let’s head to a simple introduction of our Wio-E5 CAN Dev Kit.

Wio-E5 CAN Dev kit is based on the Wio-E5 STM32WLE5JC Module and supports CAN FD, CAN2.0, and RS485 communication, and it comes with the following features:

  • Support various communication methods: CAN FD, CAN 2.0, and RS485
  • Strong extensibility: full GPIOs led out to rich interfaces, including RS-485, Grove modules for GPS, environmental detection, etc
  • High compatibility: support Global Long Range frequency plan with long-distance transmission range to 10km(ideal value in open area)
  • Easy to use: User-friendly waterproof case & solar charging interface provided for better outdoor deployment
  • Support industrial standards: a wide working temperature at -40 ℃ ~ 85℃, high sensitivity between -116.5 dBm ~ -136 dBm, and power output up to +20.8dBm at 3.3V

We can’t make it without the community power and the spirit of open source(if you missed out on the previous updates, please check another blog We Listen and Take Action to learn how we build this product together with the community). Furthermore, other interesting project ideas can be found in our discord. You can also complete your proposed project and publish the project demo or tutorial on Seeed’s Project Hub on Hackster. Let’s explore more possibilities of the Wio-E5 CAN Dev Kit together!

If you have further questions or suggestions on this product, please feel free to leave your voices in the Wishing Well.

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