Utilizing EdgeBox-RPi-200 for Battery Monitoring and Safety Assurance

Project Summary

With the utilization of EdgeBox-RPi-200, it connects to on-site data acquisition devices, enabling efficient data collection and real-time transmission of alarms and push notifications to engineers’ mobile phones. The system ensures that any issues are dealt with promptly and effectively.

The main function of the system is to gather data and promptly notify engineers of any abnormalities via various communication channels such as alerts and push messages on mobile.

Key Info

Seeed Solution: EdgeBox-RPi-200, powered by Raspberry Pi CM4

Industry: Energy Management/Battery Monitoring System

Pilot Project: Thailand

Project Background

To ensure the stable and reliable operation of batteries, their state must be monitored. This helps optimize their charging and discharging process, improve energy efficiency, enhance safety, and enable remote monitoring. For this purpose, a gateway that enables Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) functionality is crucial in battery monitoring solutions.

However, the current solution employed by the customer is not stable enough, leading to data loss or inaccuracy due to network failures, and equipment failures. Therefore, it should be upgraded to ensure that the gateway maintains stable performance during long-term operation. This will help avoid data loss or inaccuracies that could occur due to network failures, equipment failures, or other reasons.


Real-time monitoring of battery health status is essential to detect any abnormalities in a timely manner. By using advanced monitoring technologies, the performance of batteries can be tracked constantly and potential issues can be identified before they cause significant damage.

In addition, it’s crucial to report any incidents, such as flooding or fire, immediately to prevent further damage and ensure safety. By analyzing on-site data, we can obtain valuable insights into the cause of the incident and take necessary actions to prevent similar situations from occurring in the future.

This upgraded solution must be compatible with the sensors and equipment used in the existing solution, operate reliably, and have efficient data collection and transmission capabilities. It should also process and transmit the battery’s status data accurately and in a timely manner to the application end.

Therefore, it’s critical to implement a comprehensive battery monitoring system that includes real-time monitoring, abnormality detection, and incident reporting capabilities to ensure optimal battery performance and safety, and open-source to be able to expand various sensors and devices to meet different monitoring needs.


The EdgeBox-RPi-200 serves as a central hub for real-time monitoring and control of battery status and performance parameters, such as voltage, current, and temperature. On-site sensors and monitoring equipment are connected to the EdgeBox-RPi-200 , along with smart inverters or battery energy storage controllers for battery control and management operations such as charging, discharging, and protection.

Through its built-in communication modules, the EdgeBox-RPi-200 uploads the collected data to the cloud or an engineer’s desktop for processing and analysis. The results of the analysis can then be displayed on a remote data display panel or in the HMI. Additionally, the EdgeBox-RPi-200 allows for remote control and management of the battery by connecting to the downlink devices.

Why EdgeBox-RPi-200

The EdgeBox-RPi-200, a Raspberry Pi-based edge controller/gateway, was selected for this pilot project because it has rich wireless capabilities, including equipped WiFi, BLE, Mini-PCIe support for 4G LTE and LoRaWAN. It also has various interfaces such as RS485 *1 (Isolated), RS232 *1, and 1000M RJ45 *1, which can be connected to multiple field devices and sensors. Additionally, it has HDMI 2.0, which can be directly connected to HMI or display visual display of analysis results.


By using EdgeBox-RPi-200, the system operates with greater stability, providing more precise data and alarm information. This helps engineers to more accurately identify battery issues, reducing safety hazards and losses. And system has been working stably. In addition, EdgeBox-RPi-200 has lower power consumption and can operate for extended periods of time, making it suitable for long-term battery monitoring gateways.

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