Exploring the Fusion of AI and Raspberry Pi-powered reTerminal for Smarter Content Creation


In today’s digital age, where information is abundant and attention spans are short, businesses and individuals are constantly seeking innovative ways to capture and engage their audience. This is where Artificial Intelligence (AI) steps in as a game-changer. AI-driven content creation has emerged as a powerful tool, revolutionizing the way we generate, optimize, and personalize content across various platforms. 

In this blog, we showcase the cutting-edge fusion of news generation technology, utilizing APIs, Chat GPT, speech recognition, and text-to-speech capabilities. Powered by Seeed Studio’s Raspberry Pi-based reTerminal, we dive into a realm where machines seamlessly transform data into engaging narratives. Prepare to witness the convergence of innovation as we explore how these powerful tools collaborate to revolutionize content creation, enabling us to deliver news effortlessly in both written and spoken forms.

Integrating AI-powered content creation (AIGC) with home automation and personal assistance systems can offer several potential benefits.

Let's start the AI journey with reTerminal!

The reTerminal is a Human-Machine Interface launched by Seeed Studio in 2021, designed in modularization, offering multiple interfaces and components. It is your hand-size, powerful, Raspberry Pi-based all-in-one board, assisting you to develop individual IoT & AI projects and being ready to materialize industrial-level monitor and control functions.

It’s an ideal HMI that has been used by community and industry users in various projects and cases. In this project, we are trying to combine AI with this popular product to empower content creation together with AI and reTerminal! Here below are the steps to show you how to make it real!

1. Initialize API keys and libraries (NewsAPI, OpenAI, pygame, etc.).

2.Define functions for speech recognition, extracting country and category from recognized text, retrieving news, generating enhanced news bullets from GPT-3.5 model, and creating the news ticker animation using Tkinter.

3. Create the Tkinter window and add labels and buttons for user interaction.

4. When the “Recognize” button is clicked, the Speech recognition function is called, disabling the button and starting the speech recognition process in the background.

5. The background thread continuously reads audio input from the microphone, performs speech recognition, and updates the GUI label to indicate the recognition status.

6. If the speech is recognized successfully and contains valid country and category information, the application fetches news articles using the NewsAPI and generates enhanced text using the GPT-3.5 model.

7. The generated speech is played using pygame, and the news content is displayed in a news ticker animation on the Tkinter window.

8. The animation loops, moving the news content from right to left until the entire text is displayed.

9. The user can speak again to trigger another speech recognition process.

And now we can have the first version demo! The source code is attached here in Github for your reference! Get up and turn your reTerminal into a cool AI-powered Terminal!


Seeed Studio’s Raspberry Pi-powered reTerminal integrated with AI-powered content creation (AIGC) presents a promising opportunity for personal assistance and home automation. The demo showcased how this combo can revolutionize content consumption and news delivery. By leveraging reTerminal’s computing power and integrating speech recognition, text-to-speech conversion, and a visually appealing GUI, we demonstrated the seamless generation and delivery of personalized news content. 

This integration opens up new interesting possibilities for smart and interactive environment, where users can effortlessly access up-to-date news in both written and spoken formats. The collaboration between Seeed Studio’s hardware and AIGC technologies offers an accessible solution for enhancing content consumption in personal assistance and home automation. With further advancements, this integration holds promise for delivering personalized, real-time information, making our daily lives more convenient and enjoyable.

Let’s look forward to and witness together more updates and possibilities in the future with Seeed’s Raspberry Pi-powered products!

Seeed Studio has been serving the Raspberry Pi user community since 2013 and took the lead to join the approved reseller and design partner. Since the first version of reTerminal in 2021, we have a series of products including reRouter, edge controller series, and this year reTerminalDM, serving creators, makers, enthusiasts, students, engineers, enterprises as well as industries, and every scenario needing Raspberry Pi. 

Explore more products, full system devices, customization services, and use cases on the Seeed Raspberry Pi page.

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