Introducing Typhoon Chaser: Tracking Super Typhoon Saola in Real-Time

Typhoon Saola sweeps across Southern China including HK & SZ. We created this simple dashboard to showcase the climate data from SenseCAP S700 (deployed at Seeed HQ). Follow Saola’s arrival by checking the data esp. wind speed and wind direction with us .

As Super Typhoon Saola barrels its way across Southern China, including Hong Kong and Shenzhen,our team at Seeed Studio has created a live dashboard to provide real-time climate data: Typhoon Saola Chaser. This dashboard showcases the real-time data collected by one of our SenseCAP S700 Compact Weather Staions, which is deployed on our balcony at Seeed HQ, located in the Nanshan District of Shenzhen. By following the arrival of Super Typhoon Saola through our live dashboard, you can gain insights into critical weather parameters, particularly wind speed and wind direction.

Click the image to view live dashboard

Super Typhoon Saola: A Powerful Force of Nature

Super Typhoon Saola has captured the attention of meteorologists and residents alike as it makes its way across Southern China. With its immense strength and potential for significant damage, staying informed about its progress is crucial for the safety and preparedness of those living in the affected regions. Our live dashboard allows you to monitor real-time climate data, empowering you with accurate and up-to-date information.

Satellite Map of Typhoon Saola, pic credit: Weather Underground

Tracking Saola with the Live Dashboard

Our live dashboard presents a simple and user-friendly interface that offers a comprehensive view of the climate conditions surrounding Super Typhoon Saola. By accessing the data collected by the SenseCAP S700 weather station and also the weather warning data from local weather forecasting organization (via API), you can track Saola’s arrival and monitor key metrics such as wind speed and wind direction. These parameters are vital in understanding the intensity and trajectory of the typhoon, helping you make informed decisions and take necessary precautions.

SenseCAP S700: Reliable Climate Data

Earlier today, we deployed a SenseCAP S700 7-in-1 Compact Weather Station on one of our balcony to get climate data for the dashboard. Equipped with advanced sensors, SenseCAP S700 accurately measures weather parameters including air temperature, relative humidity, barometric pressure, light intensity, rainfall, wind speed, and wind direction. It streams data directly to our live dashboard via our SenseCAP 4G Sensor Hub, providing you with real-time updates (data uploads every minute). 

Stay Informed and Stay Safe

With the combination of historical climate data, the info from local meteorological bureaus, and the real-time climate data from the SenseCAP weather stations, we can stay informed to make timely decisions regarding our safety and well-being. 

At the same time, we invite you to become an active Typhoon Chaser in tracking Super Typhoon Saola though you might be thousands of kilometers away. Join us in following Saola’s arrival by accessing our live dashboard  to witness this powerful force of nature.

Stay safe and be prepared as we weather the storm together.

P.S. Our Human Resources Department informed and pushed everyone to get off work before 16:00 today! Hence, we were in a hurry to pull the info together and create this simple dashboard, hence there are improvements needed. Feel free to share your thoughts and suggestions with us! And of course, if you’d like a similar dashboard to visualize your SenseCAP sensor data, or would like to discuss cooperation on micro-climate monitoring, let us know by leaving comments or emailing us at iot(at)seeed(dot)cc.

That’s all for today, thank you all for reading through this August Monthly Wrap-up in your spare time. (It is indeed a fruitful month!) If you wanna share what projects you’re working on, shoot us a tweet @seeedstudio, let us know on LinkedIn and Discord, or publish your project on our Project Hub on Hackster.

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