Wio-WM1100 LoRa Tracker Module and Wio Tracker 1110 Dev Board are Now Amazon Sidewalk Qualified

Seeed Studio is excited to announce the Wio-WM1100 LoRa Tracker Module and Wio Tracker 1110 Dev Board are now officially Amazon Sidewalk qualified. Both products offer seamless integration with Amazon Sidewalk, opening up possibilities for enhanced IoT connectivity and a wide range of tracking applications.

Hey community, we’re thrilled to announce that our Wio-WM1100 LoRa Tracker Module and Wio Tracker 1110 Dev Board are now officially Amazon Sidewalk qualified. By passing the “Work with Amazon Sidewalk” qualification, these two state-of-the-art module and dev board will offer global developers a swift and seamless initiation into the emerging Amazon Sidewalk ecosystem to enhance IoT connectivity.

What is Amazon Sidewalk?

Amazon Sidewalk is a pioneering shared network that extends the connectivity of devices beyond the boundaries of the home Wi-Fi. Utilizing a fraction of your internet bandwidth, Sidewalk creates a low-power, long-range network that can connect devices up to half a mile away. Amazon Sidewalk is now covering around 90% of the US population, offering extended connectivity for communities and businesses. With AWS IoT Core integration, customers can seamlessly provision, onboard, and monitor their Amazon Sidewalk devices. This network is not only secure but also cost-effective, paving the way for a countless new device types for homes, businesses, and cities.

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Seeed Studio’s Amazon Sidewalk Qualified Products

Wio-WM1100 LoRa Tracker Module

The Wio-WM1100 LoRa Tracker Module is a powerful fusion positioning module designed for low-power, long-range IoT tracking applications. It combines the capabilities of two remarkable chips: the Semtech LR1110 LoRa transceiver and the Nordic nRF52840. This module is a versatile solution for building connected devices with a focus on tracking and monitoring. It has LoRa for long-range communication, GNSS (GPS/BeiDou) for outdoor tracking, Wi-Fi sniffing for indoor positioning, and BLE beacon capabilities.

Wio-WM1110 LoRa Tracker Module is now fully compatible with Amazon Sidewalk. Through rigorous qualification, developers can seamlessly integrate this module into their designs. Currently, our Fusion team is running a sponsorship where you can get 2 Wio-WM1110 Tracker Module-based designs fabricated for FREE. Learn more here. To get your hands on the Wio-WM1110 Wireless Module for your innovative projects, click the link below:https://www.seeedstudio.com/Wio-WM1110-Module-LR1110-and-nRF52840-p-5676.html

Wio Tracker 1110 Dev Board

The Wio Tracker 1110 Dev Board is a Wio-WM1110 Module-based Dev Board and integrates Semtech’s LR1110 LoRa® transceiver and a multi-purpose radio front-end for geolocation, it’s a user-friendly, LoRa-based tracking development platform. It has a compact design and versatile interfaces, includes an onboard antenna for easy deployment. With support for over 300+ Seeed Grove sensors, customization is a breeze. It has onboard temperature, humidity sensors, and a 3-axis accelerometer capture environmental and motion data. It’s compatible with the Arduino development environment and supports the LoRaWAN protocol stack, making it an excellent choice for IoT projects focused on tracking.

Now the Dev Board is natively compatible with Amazon Sidewalk, opening up exciting possibilities for seamless connectivity and extended IoT applications. Whether you’re tracking assets, monitoring environmental conditions, or exploring smart city solutions, the Wio Tracker 1110 Dev Board has you covered!

If you intend to use the Wio Tracker 1110 Dev Board to develop your own Amazon Sidewalk project, you can refer to the following wiki for guidelines: https://wiki.seeedstudio.com/Wio-Tracker_Introduction/

Previously Certified Devices:


XIAO nRF52840 Module the first ever Seeed product to support Amazon Sidewalk natively in early August 2023. It is based on the Nordic nRF52840 chip, featuring an FPU and operating at speeds of up to 64 MHz. It supports Bluetooth 5.0 and boasts ultra-low power consumption, drawing as little as 5 μA in deep sleep mode. Additionally, it incorporates lithium battery charge management. Despite its compact form factor of 21 x 17.5mm, the XIAO nRF52840 Module offers advanced functionality with an onboard digital microphone and a 6-axis IMU.

As an Amazon Sidewalk-supported module, the XIAO nRF52840 extends device range from home to community, automatically connecting to the Sidewalk network. This opens up opportunities for diverse IoT use cases, including pet and asset trackers, home appliances, health monitoring wearables, and predictive maintenance solutions.

Embracing the Future with Amazon Sidewalk

The integration of Seeed Studio products with Amazon Sidewalk marks a significant step towards building a more connected world. Our products, now with Amazon Sidewalk Qualification, offer developers and makers the opportunity to create IoT solutions that are more reliable, have greater range, and are easier to connect.
For more background information and insights into our journey with Amazon Sidewalk, you can revisit our previous blogs detailing the qualification of the XIAO nRF52840,  the LPWAN Asset Tracker Dev Kit and also the Seeed Products for AWS page.

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