Go Offline, Go Vocal-Grove’s Voice Recognition Module, Co-Create with Seeed Fusion

Introducing a low-power, completely offline voice recognition module, it is perfect for smart devices such as smart home appliances, toys, and lamps that require voice control.

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Voice Control: Revolutionizing the Way We Interact with Technology

AI Voice control

In the realm of human-computer interaction, a revolution is brewing. Once a futuristic concept, voice control has seamlessly integrated into our daily lives, transforming how we interact with technology. 

In the image above, a man uses his voice to turn on an automatic watering device on the balcony of his home. And this scene is prevalent in our lives. From smartphones to smart homes, voice assistants are becoming ubiquitous, offering a hands-free, intuitive interface that enhances our daily experiences.

However, online voice recognition modules require a reliable internet connection to generate responses and are not independent of the microcontroller/processor controlling them. To solve this problem, Anirudha Gaikwad designed the Grove Offline Voice Recognition Module, which can be used for voice recognition even when it is wireless, bringing more convenience to life.

Grove Offline Voice Recognition

Seeed Studio has always been committed to empowering smart industries. This Grove-Offline Voice Recognition Module is a truly offline voice recognition module with 45 pre-programmed voice commands that can be communicated through UART. It features connections for the speaker and microphone, along with indicator LEDs. The power supply to the module is ESD-protected, adding more safety to the module.

It is a perfect low-cost solution for adding voice control to your IoT projects! 

🚀 Rich Peripherals: Support 1 analog MIC input, 4 digital MIC inputs and dual-channel DAC outputs

📡 No Internet Connection Required: Works anywhere, anytime

🔌 Built-in speaker & microphone: Ready to use out of the box.

🌞 Diverse Application Scenarios: Home automation, In-car systems, Industrial control, Medical devices, Consumer electronics, IoT devices

Grove - Offline Voice Recognition Module


Check out the video from Techiesms on YouTube!

This product is one of the Co-Create products of Seeed Fusion. Our service elevates your innovative ideas to products and solutions for various verticals. With the full range of open-source modules and industry-grade devices, expertise in product design, experience in production, and resources in glocal community and marketing.

Seeed is your go-to-partner from 0 to ∞. Co-create with Seeed Fusion, you can leverage Seeed’s capabilities in Prototype, Produce, and Promote, ranging from custom design, manufacturing to selling, covering the full product lifecycle from idea to delivery and iteration!

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