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      DSO Nano v2

      DSO Nano v2

      SKU 109990028
      This item is no longer available.


      Note: We have a new version DSO Nano v3 instead of DSO Nano v2, and this version Nano v2 won't be produced any more.
      This is a upgraded version of previous Nano, it is not a brand new model but there's still a lot of improvements. 
      Whats new?
      1. Upgraded to semi-steel case for:
         a Mechanical endurance
         b Shielding of noises
         c Easier assembly
      2. Unibody PCB design for better reliability
      3. Complete charging circuit with LTC4054 IC
      4. Dedicate channel for signal generating.
      5. Extra button for quick adjustment
      6. Fixed battery connector
      7. Compact dimension (95mm*62mm*13mm, 76g)
      8. Updated software (something beyond v2.4 is on going)
      DSO Nano v2 is a Digital Storage Oscilloscope designed for basic electronic engineering tasks. Within its smart shell, the device runs on ARM Cortex™-M3 32 bit platform, provides basic waveform monitoring with extensive functions. It equips 320*240 color LCD, micro SD card storage, portable probes, LiPo Battery, USB connection and signal generator. Due to palm size and handy performance, it fits in-field diagnosis, quick measurement, hobbyist projects and wherever convenience matters. Scheme and source files are also open for re-innovating.
      • Portable and lightweight

      • Color display

      • Waveform storage and playback

      • 6 triggering mode

      • 200Khz Analog Bandwidth

      • Complete measurement markers and signal characteristic

      • Built-in Signal Generator

      • Built-in Battery. The DSO is ready to work.

      • Accessories available

      • Open Source


      -Mini USB cable is not included. You may need to buy one to charge up the DSO.
      -You many need a 2G Micro SD card to store the wave signal.

      The"-"pole of proble is directly connected to GND of PC when USB connected. 
      - Never use the Nano for measurements when connected to PC via USB unless the measurement target and Nano/USB port shares a common ground.
      - Avoid touching the Nano when test leads are exposed to a high ground level offset and keep the Nano at a safe distance from other conductive material.

      Technical Details

      WeightG.W 120g    

      Part List

      DSO Nano V21
      Test Probe1
      Screw driver1



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        DSO Nano v2

        SKU 109990028
        This item is no longer available.
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