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lichee RV-Nezha CM Allwinner D1 SoC with 1.14 Inch SPI LCD - Supported Linux

Sipeed Lichee RV-Nezha CM is a computing module programmed in Linux. It can operate independently with onboard TF card and can be developed basic RISC-V systems by itself. It features SPI LCD, M.2 gold finger, HiFi4 DSP, OTG USB and UART ports, all of which make it suitable for daily scientific research, developer DIY.

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  • Main CPU: Allwinner D1, single RV64GCV core XuanTie C906 from T-Head semiconductor operating at 1GHz
  • Embedded HiFi4 DSP: 4K H.265/H.264 decoding supported
  • Linux system Supported: WAFT development environment
  • Onboard 512MB DDR3 DRAM,Reserved SD NAND pad
  • Onboard PMU, support stand-alone operation without baseboard
  • Double M.2 gold finger connector for GPIO breakout
  • Onboard TF card socket, boot from TF card by default
  • Onboard FEL button and USB Type-c OTG
  • Onboard user LED
  • Onboard 8-pin connector, support 1.14 Inch SPI LCD(optional)


Lichee RV-Nezha CM is a modular design core computing module, equipped with Allwinner D1 main control chip based on T-Head Xuantie C906 processor from T-Head semiconductor operating at 1GHz. It contains embedded HiFi4 DSP which makes it supports 4K both H.265 and H.64 decoding and it can be programmed at Web Assembly Framework for Things(WAFT) development environment in Linux System. It has 16 bit 512MB DDR3 memory and a reserved SD NAND pad running at 792 MHz. On-board PMU supports the module operating independently without baseboard which means it can boot operationally by TF card or SD NAND chip. The industries can apply two sets of M.2B-KEY 67 Pin golden hands to draw out all I/Os, which is convenient for mass production and universal use. Maintenance and replacement will be easy as well.

Additionally, Lichee RV-Nezha CM provides OTG USB debugging port and UART debugging serial port and equips SPI LCD as the primary display device, where the main core board can operate independently.

No baseboard is required, developers can still program and develop basic RISC-V systems based on the main core board. With a board FEL button, USB Type-C OTG, and user LED, the Lichee RV-Nezha CM is suitable for daily scientific research and teaching, product project pre-research, and ecological developer DIY.


  • Intelligent Interaction
  • Intelligent Voice
  • Home Connect
  • Intelligent Contro
  • Smart Robot

Hardware Pinout

Part List

1.14 inch LCD displayx1
Type-C cable x1
4 Pins Header x1
Lichee RV-Nezha CM x1


HSCODE 8517180050
USHSCODE 8543708800
EUHSCODE 8543709099
RoHS 1




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