Shenzhen Map for Makers

Shenzhen is known as the Hollywood of Makers. More and more makers are visiting Shenzhen. As it’s known to all, Huaqiangbei is a must-go place for visitors to Shenzhen. However, it’s not easy for visitors to find the related factories in Shenzhen, let alone touring in the maze of Huaqiangbei.


Since Seeed is located in Shenzhen, and we’d love to contribute to the community by providing a Shenzhen Map for Makers, which consists of two main parts, one is the general information about the maker-related factories in Shenzhen; and the other is map of Huaqiangbei, including featured products in different buildings and some peripheral information.


It took about 3 months to make this map. In these 3 months, the team behind this map made several field-trips to Huaqiangbei to search for resources, took tons of pictures; designed and redesigned for many times and finally here comes this Shenzhen Map for Makers!


The PDF version of this Shenzhen Map for Makers is FREE to download. Besides, we’ve also provided high-quality printed version of this map, which is priced $5, exactly the cost of making this map. If you have friends planning to come to Shenzhen, maybe you can give them this map as a gift, also as a support for the work of making this map.


This is just the first version of Shenzhen Map for Makers, and we’ll try to improve and update it constantly, so that it can meet your needs in real life. You know what; this map is also open source! We’ll create a corresponding wiki page (will release soon), so that anyone can update and make it better serve the community. Always welcome to give us your feedback; any suggestions are welcomed! Hope this map will be of assistance to your Shenzhen trip!

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