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Crazyflie The AI Bundle

The AI bundle contains everything you need to get started with your flying AI application. Transform your Crazyflie drone into a stunning work of art by customizing it with colours RGB LEDs!




    The AI bundle contains everything you need to get started with your flying AI application.


    • Customizable bundles: The Crazyflie Micro Quadcopter Drone comes with customizable bundles that allow users to choose the components that best fit their needs.

    • Machine Learning Capabilities: The AI deck is equipped with a powerful microcontroller that can run machine learning algorithms on Crazyflie 2.1.
    • WiFi connectivity: The ESP32 adds WiFi connectivity with the possibility to stream images as well as handle control.
    • Stable Flight: Optical flow and Tof sensors for stable indoor flight without GPS
    • Time and cost-saving: Save time and money by not having to purchase individual groups separately.


    In order for you to get more out of theCrazyflie Mirco Quadcopter Drone, we've grouped together useful bundles depending on what you're working on that best suit your project requirements. this bundle for theCrazyflie Micro Quadcopter Drone is versatile and adaptable to different applications, providing a comprehensive package that saves you time and money.

    Bundle contents:

    Crazyflie 2.1- Open Source Mirco Quadcopter Drone

    The Crazyflie 2.1 is a versatile open-source flying development platform that only weighs 27g and fits in the palm of your hand. It’s not only a good flyer, the Crazyflie 2.1 is also equipped with low-latency/long-range radio as well as Bluetooth LE. This gives you the option of downloading our app and using your mobile device as a controller or, in combination with the Crazyradio PA, using your computer to display data and fly with a game controller.

    Crazyradio PA - long range 2.4Ghz USB radio dongle

    A long-range open radio dongle based on the nRF24LU1+ from Bitcraze. It features a 20 dBm amplifier, LNA and comes pre-programmed with Crazyflie compatible firmware. With the Crazyflie 2.0 and the power booster, the range is increased to more than 1 km (line of sight), and above 2 km from one Crazyradio PA to another. (line of sight).

    Crazyflie Flow v2 deck

    The Flow Deck v2 is an add-on board for the Crazyflie 2.1 drone that enables stable indoor flight with optical flow and Tof sensors. It offers accurate and responsive control up to 4m, making it a powerful tool for researchers, developers, and drone enthusiasts.

    Crazyflie AI-deck V1.1

    Crazyflie AI-deck 1.1 is built around the GAP8 RISC-V multi-core MCU for the edge purpose of artificial intelligence. In addition, there is a ULP grayscale camera and an ESP32 WiFi MCU. All of these have created a pretty good platform for the development of low-power artificial intelligence for drones.




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