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Grove - Dust Sensor(PPD42NS) - measuring PM 2.5,dual PWM output

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This Dust Sensor gives a good indication of the air quality in an environment by measuring the dust concentration.

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This Dust Sensor gives a good indication of the air quality in an environment by measuring the dust concentration.


  • Wide measurement range: Not only cigarette smoke, but also indoor dust, an asthma trigger, can be detected.
  • Stable and sensitive measurements: Dual PWM output for particle sizes over 1 micron and 2.5 microns (approx.)
  • Long-term use: Air is self-priming through the current of the air generating mechanism with built-in heater, easy to maintain
  • Compact and light design: Compact size makes installation easier
  • Easy to use: Compatible with Grove port, just plug-and-play


The Particulate Matter level (PM level) in the air is measured by counting the Low Pulse Occupancy time (LPO time) in a given time unit. LPO time is proportional to PM concentration. This sensor can provide reliable data for air purifier systems; it is responsive to PM of diameter 1μm.

What is Grove?

We have developed more than 400 Grove modules, covering a wide range of applications that can fulfil various needs. Click to explore the Grove Sensor family and get started to Grove your Idea. For all Grove users (especially beginners), we provide you with guidance PDF documents. Please download and read through Preface - Getting Started and Introduction to Grove before your use of the product.


This sensor uses a counting method to measure dust concentration, not the weighing method, and the unit is pcs/L or pcs/0.01cf.

Please pay attention to the warnings listed here.


  • Air Purifier
  • Air Quality Monitor
  • Air Conditioner
  • Ventilator

One More Thing

With the SenseCAP S2110 controller and S2100 data logger, you can easily turn the Grove into a LoRaWAN® sensor. Seeed not only helps you with prototyping but also offers you the possibility to expand your project with the SenseCAP series of robust industrial sensors.

The IP66 housing, Bluetooth configuration, compatibility with the global LoRaWAN® network, built-in 19 Ah battery, and powerful support from APP make the SenseCAP S210x the best choice for industrial applications. The series includes sensors for soil moisture, air temperature and humidity, light intensity, CO2, EC, and an 8-in-1 weather station. Try the latest SenseCAP S210x for your next successful industrial project.


Dimensions 59mm x45mm x22mm
Weight G.W 28g
Battery Exclude
VCC 4.75~5.75V
Standby Current Supply 90mA
Detectable range of concentration 0~28,000 / 0 ~ 8000 pcs/liter / pcs/0.01cf
Operating Temperature Range 0~45 °C
Output Method Negative Logic, Digital output, High: over 4.0V(Rev.2), Low: under 0.7V
Detecting the particle diameter >1μm
Dimensions 59(W) × 45(H) × 22(D) mm
Humidity Range 95% rh or less

Platform Supported

Part List

Grove - Dust Sensor 1
Grove Cable 1


HSCODE 9031809090
USHSCODE 9026104000
UPC 841454108498
EUHSCODE 9013101000
EU DoC 1
RoHS 1
UK DoC 1



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