Grove - Temp&Humi&Barometer Sensor (BME280)

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Thanks to Bosch, now we’ve got a three-in-one, low-cost and high-precision environmental sensor, the Grove - Temp&Humi&Barometer Sensor (BME280).

It is based on their new BME280 sensor, which is even superior to BMP280 used in Grove – Barometer Sensor (BMP280), and any other former versions like BMP180 used in Grove – Barometer Sensor (BMP180).

The module provides precise measurement of not only barometric pressure and temperature, but also the humidity in the environment. The air pressure can be measured in a range from 300 hPa to 1100hPa with ±1.0 hPa accuracy, while the sensor works perfectly for temperatures between - 40 and 85 with an accuracy of ±1 . As for the humidity, you can get a humidity value with an error less than 3%.

Owing to its high accuracy on measuring the pressure, and the pressure changes with altitude, we can calculate the altitude with ±1 meter accuracy, which makes it a precise altimeter as well.

Another great thing about this module is that, you don’t even need to worry about the I2C collisions as it provides both I2C and SPI interfaces.

To use SPI, simply de-solder the bonding pads on the back. If you go with I2C, the board also provides 2 I2C addresses for you to select as you want.


  • High accuracy, absolute accuracy of ±1.0 hPa for pressure, ±1 accuracy for temperature and ±3% for humidity

  • Easy-to-use Grove Compatible Interface

  • Supports both I2C and SPI communication

  • Can be used as an altimeter with accuracy of ±1 meter


As the sensor is quite sensitive to the environmental conditions, please DO NOT touch it with your fingers.

Technical Details

Dimensions40mm x 20mm x 15mm
WeightG.W 10g    
Supply Voltage 5V or 3.3V
Current Consumption 0.4 mA
Humidity Accuracy ±3%
Interface I2C and SPI
Grove Port I2C (selectable address at 0x77(default) and 0x76)
Temperature Measurement:
Range -40 to 85
Accuracy ±1
Barometric Pressure Measurement:
Range 300 – 1100 hPa
Accuracy ±1.0 hPa

Part List

Grove - Temp&Humi&Barometer Sensor (BME280)1
Grove - Cable1




Questions and Answers

Any idea why this is listed as working only with arduino and beaglebone? I would to use it with a particle photon. Does it work ?
on May 05,2017
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Hi there~ Particle photon do not provide a lib. for this sensor as far as I know. So if you want to use this with particle photon you need to write your own lib.Regards
on Nov 28,2017 16:14 PM
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Thee are at least 4 BME280 libraries for Photon. I've used the CE_BME280 library. There are also libraries from Sparkfun and Adafruit.
on Oct 17,2018 09:18 AM
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    Grove - Temp&Humi&Barometer Sensor (BME280)

    SKU 101020193
    50+ Available
    $17.00/ 1pcs+
    $15.90/ 10pcs+
    $14.90/ 20pcs+
    $13.00/ 50pcs+
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