ICE Tower CPU Cooling Fan for Raspberry Pi (Support Pi 4)

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The cooling fan is mono-color, and this product will EOL soon. We've released the upgraded RGB version of this superfan. The same price, multiple times cool!!!

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We've released the RGB LED version of this super fan. The same price, multiple times cool!!!
The Blu-ray version will be halted production and upgraded to the RGB version, which will be shipped randomly recently. We also released three different cases for this super fan.


Meet this super ICE Tower CPU Cooling Fan for Raspberry Pi! Tower structure, 5mm copper tube, multi-layer heat sinks, 7 blades powerful fan, all the above combinations make this super radiator for Raspberry Pi. In the case of overclocking, it can reduce the temperature of the Raspberry Pi from 80℃ to 40℃. What amazing! Best of all, this cooling fan supports the new Raspberry Pi 4 Model B. In our actual use, we found that Raspberry Pi 4 has a large amount of heat. with the help of this super fan, the powerful performance of the Raspberry Pi 4 will be fully released.

This super fan is designed by 52Pi, 52Pi is a world's leading Raspberry Pi accessories manufacturer, specializing in the design and production of various hats, screens, and accessories for the Raspberry Pi. 


Mounting Guide and Evaluation

Special thanks for ETA PRIME to share this video with us.

The final cooling effect may vary depending on the test conditions. Due to shipping restrictions, we did not equip the accessories with silicone grease. If you use the thermal conductive tape in the accessory, you can reduce the temperature from 80 ° C to 48 ° C under the same conditions. It can be seen that the use of silicone grease is better. If you want to achieve the best heat dissipation, we recommend that you purchase silicone grease yourself.


1. In the heat dissipation test mentioned above, the temperature was lowered from 80 ° C to 40 ° C. The test conditions are as follows: 1-Room temperature 25 ° C  / 2- Apply silicone grease directly to the heat sink and processor chip  / 3- Raspberry Pi 4 processor overclocking

2. This product does not include the Raspberry Pi, the product image is only for the effect display, if you need the Raspberry Pi, please click here to buy.


Part List 

  • 2 x Steel Mounting Fixer (Fit for Raspberry Pi 3B+/4B
  • Ice tower CPU fan *1
  • M2.5x6 copper columns *4
  • M2.5x4 screws *6
  • Nuts *4
  • Thermal Conductive Tape *3
  • Screwdriver *1



HSCODE 8414599060
USHSCODE 8414591500




We tested 6 different cooling cases, heatsinks and cooling fan for Raspberry Pi 4 and compare their effect when running four webpages.
This blog will show you three ways to configure WiFi on your Raspberry Pi with both Raspberry Pi OS desktop and server, and it will also cover how to do it on a headless Raspberry Pi!



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  2. Product Quality
    Fantastic little fan, the best I've tried so far
    This fan arrived really fast, within 2 days of ordering. The packaging is clear and it comes with good instructions and free tools.

    In terms of looks - it looks great and has a blue light which is always on.

    The performance is the best I've seen, comparing to the Pimoroni clam and fan-shim, this keeps Kubernetes low at 28-30C only.


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